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Are you looking for the ideal template for documenting janitor activities? Discover our two janitor activity report samples that offer you efficient ways to create professional reports.

Use these templates to save time, ensure consistency, professionalize your appearance and optimize the documentation process.

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What is a janitor activity certificate?

A janitor activity report is an important report in which the various tasks and caretaker activities are recorded. janitorial activities
in a particular building or property are documented.

These certificates are of great importance in property management, as they provide a detailed overview of the work carried out and the condition of the building. The activity record includes which repairs were carried out and which cleaning work was done, whether inspections were carried out and which other tasks the janitor performed.

Why is the janitor activity report important?

The janitor activity record is an essential tool for efficient and transparent Facility management. Such proof enables owners, landlords or administrations to see exactly what measures were taken and when, which enables more effective planning and maintenance of the building.

An activity report template shows that the agreed services and maintenance work have been carried out correctly. In addition, the proof can also be helpful when documenting defects, repairs or renovation work.

In some cases, the activity record can also serve as proof of the janitor’s remuneration. Below you will find an example of a practical application of the document.

Case study: Documentation of janitor services in the operating cost statement

In the statement of operating costs, Ms. S. was charged janitor costs of EUR 289, of which she only acknowledges EUR 70. It disputes the janitor’s activities and sees a breach of the principle of economic efficiency.

The landlord submitted a service contract as proof, but it was not possible to provide concrete evidence of the work carried out by the janitor and how the accounts were settled.

The court ruled in favor of the tenant, as the janitor costs were not sufficiently documented and the requirements for transparency and traceability of the costs were not met.

Good to know

It is necessary for a landlord to prove what work was actually carried out by the janitor if a tenant disputes the actual janitor costs in the utility bill. The sole submission of the janitor contract or repair order is not sufficient proof of this.

In the next section, we will present the 5 advantages of a janitor activity report template.

Janitor activity report: 5 advantages of a template

Using a template for the janitor activity report has various advantages that support facility managers and owners in efficient documentation and reporting:

1. Time saving

Owners or Facility managers have many responsibilities. Using a template for the janitor activity report allows you to save time by simplifying the documentation process.

2. Consistency

By using a template, you ensure a uniform presentation of your activity reports. The predefined formats ensure that all relevant information is documented consistently and professionally.

3. Professional appearance

By using a template, you can create reports that have a professional appearance and emphasize your professionalism. This will leave a positive impression on your stakeholders.

4. Efficiency

Using a template for the activity report contributes to efficiency by streamlining the document creation process. Instead of customizing every detail, you can concentrate on entering the information.

5. User-friendliness

Templates are generally designed to be user-friendly and do not require any special knowledge of document design. Even people with little experience in using word processing programs can easily work with templates and create professionally designed activity reports.

Important components of an activity report document

Important components of an activity report are

  1. Date and time of the activities carried out
  2. Description of the work carried out (e.g. repairs, home inspections, inspections)
  3. Indication of the location or area where the work took place
  4. Duration or estimated working time required for each activity, e.g. the time recording for building cleaning break times, etc.
  5. Materials or resources used
  6. Signature of the janitor or an authorized person
  7. Space for comments or special features (e.g. problems, incidents, special instructions)

The exact list of components may vary depending on the specific requirements and standards of facility management. Below you can use our templates, which can be adapted to any type of facility.

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Your digital activity report with Wowflow: 4 outstanding functions

Facility management software is very helpful when creating janitor activity reports. It enables users to document janitorial activities, monitor the status of tasks and carry out maintenance work in good time.

Wowflow is equipped with a range of functions that significantly improve the management of janitorial services.

The central functions include:

  1. Mobile time recording for facility management:
    Record the working hours of janitors easily and efficiently, no matter where you are.
  2. Order management:
    Manage all janitorial activities, plan maintenance and inspection work and keep track of all ongoing jobs.
  3. PDF export function:
    Generate professional reports automatically and export them as PDFs for easy sharing and archiving.
  4. Automation:
    Automate tasks and optimize your workflow with automatic reminders, status updates and much more.

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