Essential janitor activities at a glance

Are you wondering what tasks a janitor performs on a daily basis? This comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of essential janitorial activities, including maintenance, cleaning, monitoring and organizational work. This essential information will equip you with the knowledge you need, whether you are a potential employer or a prospective janitor.

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The most important facts at a glance
  • Janitors take on a variety of tasks ranging from maintenance and care, maintenance and repair work, as well as green space maintenance and winter services, thus making a significant contribution to maintaining the value of properties.
  • The role of the janitor goes beyond technical tasks. They are also the point of contact and conflict resolution for tenants and owners, mediate and coordinate services and therefore require strong social and communication skills.
  • Janitors often use special software for efficient workflows – facility management software. They are subject to continuous training and should be selected according to reliable criteria, including experience, references and individual service offerings.

The janitor's range of tasks: more than just key management

Janitors, also known as janitors, take on a variety of tasks that go far beyond simply managing keys. You are responsible for

  • the maintenance of the building services
  • the maintenance of high operating standards
  • the coordination and control of various processes
  • Optimization of general services for tenants and owners

The tasks of a janitor are therefore very varied.

A professional janitor service contributes directly to maintaining the value of the properties it manages. This is achieved by ensuring the functionality of the building services and optimizing the general services for commercial and residential tenants. The janitor therefore makes a significant contribution to the smooth operation and pleasant atmosphere in a building.

The role of the janitor in the house rules

The role of the janitor goes beyond mere property management. He is also responsible for ensuring that the house rules are observed. This includes:

  • ensuring the lighting of outdoor facilities and communal indoor areas
  • Cleaning the stairwell
  • the maintenance of entrance areas and certain cellar rooms

The janitor therefore has various tasks to ensure that the building is tidy and well maintained.

In addition, compliance with the house rules also includes the cleaning of elevators and landings. Determining the frequency of house cleaning and the responsibility for this is defined in the house rules or by a cleaning schedule. The janitor ensures that all areas of the building are clean and tidy and helps to ensure that all residents feel comfortable.

Maintenance and repair work as a core competence

One of the central tasks of a janitor is to carry out maintenance work and repairs. This includes minor repairs and manual work that contribute to the proper maintenance of the property. By keeping maintenance logs, the janitor ensures a complete history and overview of the work carried out.

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The responsibilities of a janitor include:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of technical systems, such as elevators and fuse boxes
  • Maintenance and servicing of heating systems, lighting and heat pumps
  • Checking ventilation systems
  • Specific craft tasks, such as renovations or the replacement of seals

Green space maintenance and winter services - seasonal challenges

In addition to the activities already mentioned, the janitor is also responsible for the maintenance of green spaces. This includes:

  • regular mowing and scarifying of lawns
  • the maintenance of hedges
  • the removal of weeds and dry plant parts
  • the removal of leaves
  • watering the plants

Snow clearance in winter is also one of the janitor’s seasonal tasks. The care and maintenance of special facilities such as playgrounds and the disposal of green waste produced during garden maintenance are also part of his responsibilities. Adaptation to different tasks plays an important role in the deployment of janitors.

The janitor ensures that the outside areas of the building are in good condition at all times of the year.

The janitor as contact person and conflict resolver

In addition to technical and maintenance tasks, the janitor is also an important point of contact and conflict resolver for tenants and owners. Social and organizational skills are crucial for this role.

Good communication skills and a willingness to mediate in disputes and point out that rules must be followed are essential.

Procurement and coordination of services

An important aspect of caretaking is the provision and coordination of services. Examples of such services are

  • Cleaning work
  • Handyman services
  • Organization of waste disposal
  • Winter service

They all fall under the category of facility management. Organizational skills and the ability to obtain information and organize resources are crucial for these tasks.

A good janitor is able to establish an efficient chain of communication between external service providers, tenants and owners so that the services provided meet expectations. In this way, he ensures that all necessary work is completed promptly and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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Communication with tenants and owners

Communication with tenants and owners is an important aspect of a janitor’s job. He is the first point of contact for problems and ensures that they are resolved quickly and satisfactorily. To do this, the janitor needs strong communication skills to be able to mediate effectively between tenants, owners and other parties involved.

In addition to solving current problems, the janitor is also responsible for resolving potential conflicts through discussions and requesting support if necessary. In this way, it makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the interaction in the property, especially in apartment buildings, runs harmoniously and smoothly.

Administrative janitor activities: An overview

In addition to the technical and coordinating tasks already mentioned, the janitor is also responsible for a range of administrative activities, such as order management. These are essential for the smooth running of the property and compliance with legal regulations and standards.

The administrative tasks of a janitor include

  • the documentation of processes and damage in property files
  • monitoring contracts and services of external service providers
  • the management and monitoring of documents related to maintenance work and the general operation of real estate

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Management of keys and access authorizations

Managing keys and access authorizations is another important task of a janitor. He is often responsible for issuing and returning keys and usually keeps a key plan that lists all issued keys and their owners.

The administration also includes:

  • the logging of key handovers
  • Ensuring that all keys are returned after employees or tenants leave the company
  • With electronic access systems, janitors can take over the programming of access authorizations and the updating of access codes.

Monitoring of maintenance intervals and safety checks

Use our templates and checklists for carrying out regular repairs and maintenance.

He is responsible for compliance with and documentation of regular maintenance intervals for technical systems and equipment and ensures compliance with statutory safety regulations and standards during maintenance work.

In addition, janitors maintain and check specific systems such as fire protection systems and pellet heating systems to ensure safety and functionality. You will work with external service providers to ensure the regular maintenance of technical systems and will always be responsible for monitoring the work.

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Use of software for facility management

As digitalization progresses, more and more janitors are using special software solutions for facility management. Our software enables them to complete their tasks more efficiently and maintain an overview. Wowflow supports, for example, with:

  • the planning and documentation of maintenance work
  • the management of keys and access authorizations
  • Communication with tenants and owners

By using facility management software, janitors can optimize their work and increase their efficiency. You benefit from automated processes, improved documentation and the ability to access important information at any time and from anywhere. This enables them to perform their tasks even better and contribute to the smooth operation of the property.

Janitor activities: List of activities

To get an overview of the variety of janitorial activities, it can be helpful to create a list of the most important tasks for janitors. This can serve as a basis for planning and organizing work and helps to set priorities and increase efficiency.

Such a list could include the following activities, for example:

  • Building cleaning
  • Green space maintenance
  • Maintenance of technical systems
  • Management of keys and access authorizations
  • Coordination of services
  • Communication with tenants and owners
  • Monitoring the house rules

A detailed janitor tour can help to ensure that no task is overlooked and that all activities are coordinated efficiently.

Specialization and further training opportunities for janitors

In a constantly evolving working environment, it is important for janitors to constantly expand their skills and keep up to date. Further training and specialization play a decisive role here. They enable janitors to expand their skills, improve their performance and open up new areas.

In Germany, there are a large number of further training opportunities for janitors. For example, they can apply to the bfw: specific courses that are tailored to the requirements of their profession. After completing the training, they receive a certificate or a certificate of attendance that proves their skills.

Certifications and qualifications

Certifications and qualifications play an important role in the professional world of janitors. They enable them to demonstrate their skills and improve their career prospects. There are a variety of certificates that janitors can earn to validate their expertise and skills.

For example, the TÜV SÜD Academy offers a specific certificate for janitors, which certifies them as electrotechnically trained persons.

By participating in further training as a facility manager for energy efficiency and sustainability at WBS Training janitors can obtain a certificate that proves their knowledge in this important area.

Importance of further training in the janitor profession

The importance of further training in the caretaking profession cannot be overestimated. It enables them to constantly expand their skills and stay up to date. For example, they can learn about new technologies and processes, deepen their knowledge in specific areas or specialize in new areas.

Continuous training is crucial for janitors to keep up with the latest technological developments and legal regulations.

It also enables them to expand their specialist knowledge and improve their performance. This enables them to meet the requirements of their profession even better and offer a high-quality service to their customers.

Selection criteria for a qualified janitor service

If you want to hire a janitor service, there are some important criteria that you should consider. In addition to technical expertise and reliability, aspects such as flexibility and the range of services offered also play a decisive role.

When selecting a janitor service, owners should request a clear and detailed contract that defines tasks, intervals, costs, duration and billing method.

It is also important to contractually agree the availability of the janitor service, especially in the event of emergencies. Discretion when carrying out work in private areas is another important contractual point that needs to be clarified.

References and experience

References and experience are a decisive factor when choosing a janitor service. Checking references provides a reliable way of assessing the trustworthiness and professional background of a janitorial service.

Experienced janitors can master complex situations through their routine and often offer a higher quality service. Past successful projects demonstrate the ability to implement tasks independently and successfully. Positive ratings in customer reviews often reflect the satisfaction of previous clients with the service.

Individual range of services

Another important criterion when choosing a janitor service is the individual range of services. A customized janitorial service adapts its range of services to the unique needs of a property.

The individual range of services includes activities such as professional building cleaning and careful garden maintenance, which are tailored to the specific requirements of the property. It is essential to contractually stipulate the specific tasks that the janitor service will take on and the frequency with which they are to be carried out.


Our article shows that the role of the janitor goes far beyond mere key management. From looking after building services and maintaining green spaces to resolving conflicts and communicating with tenants and owners – a professional janitor service forms the backbone of every property.

Facility management software, such as that from Wowflow, helps to meet the complex requirements of janitorial services.

Through continuous training and specialization, janitors can constantly improve their services and meet the ever-changing requirements.

If you want to hire a janitorial service, you should not only look for professional expertise and reliability, but also for references and a customized service offer.

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Frequently asked questions

A janitor has to provide typical services such as cleaning, maintenance and garden care.

As a janitorial service, you may typically carry out maintenance, cleaning, operation and control of buildings and outdoor facilities. The same applies to simple repair work that does not constitute essential craft activities requiring authorization.

The average hourly wage of a janitor is around 16 euros. In some regions, the salary can also be higher, for example in North Rhine-Westphalia at €16.75 per hour.

Continuing education is important for janitors as it allows them to improve their skills and stay up to date, which enables them to embrace new technologies and procedures.

When choosing a janitor service, it is important to look for professional competence, reliability, references and experience. In addition, a clear and detailed contract should define all tasks, intervals, costs, duration and billing method.