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What are the tasks of a janitor?

In recent years, the janitor’s range of tasks has expanded considerably.

What does the janitor have to do? In the past, the focus was primarily on the care, maintenance and monitoring of buildings. Today, the role of the janitor is comparable to that of a facility manager.

This change in facilities management is due to the increasing modernization of buildings, changes in user behavior and the intensive use of buildings.

The janitor activities can be divided into the following 6 categories:

  1. Outdoor area:
    • Gardening services: plant care, disposal of green cuttings and garden waste, installation of renewable energy systems such as photovoltaics.
    • Winter service: gritting, snow clearing.
  2. Cleaning:
    • Cleaning the inside and outside of the property.
  3. Servicing and technology:
    • Maintenance of the building’s technical systems
    • Carrying out minor repairs
    • Maintenance of the IT infrastructure
    • Maintenance of building management-systems (access, reservations, defects)
    • Maintenance of electromobility infrastructure (e-charging stations)
    • Support with digital building management and documentation
  4. Sanitary:
    • Ensuring waste disposal
    • Implementation of standard hygiene measures
  5. Control and organization:
    • Recording and logging of consumption meter readings (gas, electricity, water)
    • Quality controls for contracted services (garden maintenance, craftsmen) on behalf of the property management or the owner.
  6. User support:
    • Monitoring the operation of underground car parks
    • Managing damage reports from residents
    • Organization of apartment viewings
    • Contact person for violations of the house rules (communication with tenants, receipt of complaints)
    • Safety of all persons, including service providers in the building
    • Housing and key management
Janitor tasks: Download PDF here for free

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In the following, we will take a closer look at the organization of janitor services.

7 tips for the organization and structure of your janitorial service

Pay attention to the following points when preparing your janitorial services:

  1. Task planning: Define the janitor tasks and duties clearly and specifically for the requirements in your property. You can also use a checklist for each janitor tour for this.
  2. Scheduling: Create a schedule for regular janitorial activities such as maintenance work, inspections and cleaning work. Take into account forward-looking maintenance measures and seasonal tasks such as snow clearing in winter or garden maintenance in spring.
  3. Time recording: Implement an effective time tracking system for janitorial labor hours. This can be done by making manual entries in a working time log or with the help of a digital time recording can take place.
  4. Communication: Make sure that all residents or employees have the janitor’s contact details. Set up a clear communication structure in order to be able to process inquiries or problem reports effectively.
  5. Documentation: Use an activity report template and record all work, repairs or inspections carried out in detailed documentation. The photo documentation enables better tracking of janitor activities.
  6. Emergency planning: Develop an emergency plan for unforeseen events such as power outages, water damage or other crisis situations. Clarify what measures need to be taken in such cases.
  7. Competencies: The job profile of a janitor is extremely varied, but there is no set definition for this role and no specific training. Many janitors have professional or technical training and comprehensive technical knowledge is recommended. Due to the increasing complexity of facility management, there are numerous courses and training courses available for janitors.

Below we present the benefits of using digital solutions to organize janitorial activities.

Plan the execution of your janitorial activities with Wowflow

Plan your janitorial services in three simple steps with Wowflow:

1. Create a checklist for the janitors

✅ Create the checklist according to your requirements.

✅ Define several checklists for different topics, such as a checklist for building cleaning or for safety checks.

2. Easily delegate tasks with checklists to your employees and external service providers

✅ The janitor can find all the information in the mobile app.

✅ The janitor follows the checklist and carries out the task.

✅ All new photos or annotations are automatically saved in the order.

3. Receive automated reports in PDF format:

✅ Once the task is complete, you can create professional PDF reports at the touch of a button.

✅ Leave a signature as official proof.

✅ Easily organize your saved reports in Wowflow with advanced filter options. Integrate your reports into your ERP/CAFM tool.


A janitorial task catalog in PDF format provides extensive information about the various areas of activity of a janitor. From care and cleaning to technical maintenance and organization, the job profile covers numerous areas of responsibility.

The use of digital solutions such as Wowflow can increase efficiency in the planning and execution of caretaking activities.

Discover how you can optimize your janitorial service with Wowflow.

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