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Why is a checklist important for the janitor?

A checklist for the property inspection is available in the facility management of great importance. It provides a structured method for carrying out and documenting the janitor activities.

The use of a checklist ensures that all necessary tasks and checks are carried out systematically and thoroughly. This enables potential safety risks to be detected at an early stage, maintenance requirements to be identified, and general safety in the building to be increased.

The checklist also serves as a valuable reference document for facility management and enables caretaking activities to be carried out consistently and reliably.

5 advantages of a checklist for the janitor tour

Below we present five convincing advantages of a property inspection checklist:

1. Increase in efficiency

A list enables the janitor to carry out the property inspection systematically and efficiently. This saves time and helps to ensure that no important areas are overlooked. In addition, the checklist can serve as a guide to ensure that all required tasks are completed.

2. Cost savings

Through regular inspection and maintenance possible damage can be detected and rectified at an early stage before it leads to expensive repairs or replacements. A well-maintained property is also more attractive to potential tenants or buyers.

3. Improvement of safety

A checklist helps to identify and eliminate potential sources of danger such as defective lighting, loose railings or slippery floors in good time. This reduces the risk of injury to residents or staff.

4. Documentation and tracking

A task list serves as a verifiable log that documents the condition of the building over time. This enables the janitor and owner to monitor progress in terms of maintenance and repairs and to set priorities.

5. Improvement of communication

A protocol can also serve as a means of communication between the janitor, owner and other stakeholders. Information about identified problems or completed maintenance work can be shared easily and consistently to ensure clear and effective collaboration.

Get the free "Janitor checklist" now!
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What does the checklist for the janitor tour include?

The list for the property inspection includes various important aspects of facility management. It typically includes:

  • Fire protection: Inspection of fire extinguishers, smoke detector systems, emergency exits and other fire protection-related equipment.
  • Visual inspection of systems and infrastructure: Inspection of building structures, windows, doors, stairs, railings, heating and air conditioning systems, heat pumps, electrical systems, elevators, pipelines and sanitary facilities.
  • Security check: Checking and ensuring security measures against theft, vandalism and unauthorized access.
  • Building cleaning: Checking the cleanliness of communal areas such as corridors and lounges.
  • Traffic safety: Inspection of sidewalks, parking lots, lighting, handrails and other safety-relevant areas.

To ensure that your checklist for the tour contains all the important information, we offer you a free template.

Get the free "Janitor checklist" now!
Get a free checklist

Simplify your property inspection with the janitor software from Wowflow

Follow these three simple steps to optimize your property inspection with Wowflow:

1. Create a property inspection checklist for the janitor

✅ Customize the checklist according to your requirements.

✅ Define several checklists for different buildings or infrastructures.

2. Create an object inspection task with a predefined checklist

✅ The janitor has all the information in the mobile app.

✅ The janitor uses the checklist to carry out the property inspection.

✅ And the best thing about it: any additional photos or comments are automatically saved in the task.

3. Generate automated reports in PDF format

✅ As soon as the property inspection is complete, you can create professional PDF reports at the touch of a button.

✅ Add a signature as official proof.

Save your reports in Wowflow with advanced filters or upload them to your ERP / CAFM tool.


The checklist for the janitor tour is an important component in the organization and implementation of property inspections.

Wowflow offers a user-friendly solution with digital checklists and innovative functions that increase your efficiency.

With the help of Wowflow, janitors can easily plan the entire walk-through process, track progress, document defects and collaborate seamlessly with their team.