Repair order: template, key components and practical tips

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Do you need information on the efficient processing of repair orders? Find out what is important for repair orders and receive practical tips for successful implementation.

We also offer various repair order templates for you to download free of charge, which serve as a valuable aid for the structured processing of your orders.

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What is a repair order?

A repair order is a formal requirement that authorizes the performance of
maintenance work
on a vehicle, machine or building. It defines the scope of the necessary work to be carried out after a defect or damage has been detected.

As a rule, the repair order is placed by a customer, a
facility management
-department or an authorized person and forwarded to a service provider or workshop.

The order contains the following information:

  • Description of the problem
  • Repair date
  • Estimated costs
  • Expected duration of the repair
Good to know

Repair orders are
work orders
and serve as a formal contract that defines the rights and obligations between the client and the service provider.

Repair orders often provide a basis for invoicing and quality assurance after the repair work has been completed. They guarantee legal security for both parties.

They also serve as essential documents in building management, which
operator responsibility
operator responsibility.

You should pay attention to these 7 points when ordering repairs

An effective repair service relies on standardized order entry, which contributes significantly to a positive customer experience. It is important that companies keep an eye on the crucial details in order to make the process seamless. The quality and accuracy of the repair order are also key factors for trouble-free
order management

Seven key aspects that require special attention when creating repair orders are presented below:

  1. Quick entry: Processing a repair order quickly is the be-all and end-all. Save time during creation by providing repair order templates tailored to different types of services.
  2. Customer-oriented service: Individual customization and flexibility in order processing show your customers that their concerns are taken seriously. A service-oriented approach increases customer satisfaction and promotes long-term loyalty.
  3. Detailed order processing: Document every detail of the repair order precisely to ensure smooth execution. This also applies to the precise communication of customer expectations to service staff.

    Ensure that any special requirements or discounts agreed with the customer are accurately documented in the repair order.
    This will help you avoid misunderstandings later on and ensure the necessary trust.

  4. Consistent professionalism: Take a professional approach to every customer contact, whether by telephone, in writing or in person, in order to emphasize your company’s expertise and strengthen your customers’ trust.
  5. Clarity and accuracy in communication: The disclosure of all steps and costs as well as error-free and clear documents are crucial for transparent customer communication. Every step in the process should be clearly and comprehensibly presented to the customer.
  6. Intuitive order entry systems: Use intuitive and user-friendly
    order management software
    for order entry to simplify the data entry process and minimize data entry errors; keep in mind that inefficient order management affects customer satisfaction.
  7. Inclusion of general terms and conditions: Integrate the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) into your repair orders to ensure legal clarity and protect both your customers and your company.

We have already integrated these key aspects for you in our carefully crafted template so that you can get started immediately with optimized order processing.

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What a repair order should contain

Your repair order template should include these points to ensure efficient order fulfillment and smooth order management.
order management
and smooth order management.

Customer data:

  • Name and contact details of the customer
  • Address for invoicing and, if applicable, delivery

Device data:

  • Type and model of the device to be repaired
  • Serial number or other identification features
  • Condition of the device and known problems

Repair details:

  • Detailed description of the damage or problem
  • Listed services for the repair
  • Expected time frame for carrying out the repair

Spare parts:

  • List of spare parts used
  • Article numbers from the spare parts master data
  • Spare parts removal point

Cost estimate:

  • Estimated costs for labor and materials
  • Information on possible additional costs
  • Validity period of the cost estimate

Service agreements:

  • Agreed service levels including time windows and priorities
  • Warranty conditions for repair services


  • Note and reference to the General Terms and Conditions

Signature fields:

  • Field for the customer’s signature on the order confirmation
  • Signature of the service provider or person in charge

Appendices and notes:

  • Space for additional comments or special customer requests
  • Attachments of photos or documents to document the condition of the device

Use our free template – the practical thing is that you can customize our repair order templates to suit your requirements.

Further templates and checklists for maintenance can be found here:

Digitalization of your repair management

Digital solutions make your repair management more effective, transparent and customer-centric. Benefit from smooth digital recording, intuitive delegation and detailed documentation of your repair orders.

With Wowflow, you can modernize your repair management in three steps:

1. collect all repair requests centrally:

  • Provide your customers with QR codes in the building so that they can submit repair requests directly.
  • Integrate your e-mail address so that a repair order is automatically created in Wowflow for customer e-mails.

2. delegate the repair work with just a few clicks:

  • Send the repair request with all the necessary information and a digital checklist to your internal team.
  • Commission external service providers and enable them to enter all relevant data online, even without a Wowflow account.

3. create PDF work reports for repairs:

  • Select which images or information should be included in the repair report.
  • Capture the digital signature of the authorized representative.
  • Send the finished report to the required recipients with just a few clicks.

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A clearly structured repair order is the backbone of a transparent and effective service. It not only sets out expectations, but also protects the legal interests of all parties involved.

By using Wowflow, you can also benefit from centralized recording of repair requests, which makes it easy to delegate orders, track them in real time and complete them more quickly using digital signatures.

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A repair order is binding as soon as it has been accepted and signed by both parties, the client and the service provider. It serves as a legally enforceable contract that defines the services to be provided, the payment terms and the general conditions of the repair work.

Any deviations from the agreed order may necessitate negotiations or adjustments.

Only a written cost estimate can be binding for the service provider. It is also possible to specify a written maximum limit for the repair costs in the repair order, which is considered a binding price guarantee and may not deviate from the service provider.

Download our template for your repair orders with a detailed cost estimate:

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It is also crucial that the cost estimate is based on a qualified diagnosis by the service provider. To protect yourself from unexpected expenses, it is advisable to set an upper limit for the repair costs in writing.

A cost estimate may be exceeded by the service provider under certain circumstances. The situation is different in the event of a significant overrun: customers are not forced to accept this and can either decide to bear the additional costs or terminate the contract extraordinarily. In the event of such termination, however, the services provided up to that point must be paid for.

With an understanding of proven approaches to order processing in hand, the focus is now on refining your processes. By supporting the
you can make your repair orders more efficient and transparent.