A simple CAFM alternative for your team's daily work

Wowflow is an intuitive software that helps small and medium-sized facility management teams to work efficiently and without frustration. Centralize your daily work, cooperation and documentation.

Thanks to Wowflow, these companies have reduced their administrative costs by 50%.

CAFM software is often not ideal for small and medium-sized teams

Now you can no longer afford to work without facility management software. However, many software solutions are associated with major burdens:

  • - An initial investment from € 50,000
  • - An implementation of 6 to 24 months
  • - Modules for a wide range of need (90%-100%)

Software solution for small and medium-sized facility management teams

Imagine a simple solution consisting of just a few intuitive core modules. The perfect answer to your operational challenges. Your advantages with Wowflow:

  • - An initial investment from € 5,000
  • - An implementation of 1 to 2 months
  • - Modules for core work (50%-80%)

A clever selection of modules that address the core of your day-to-day facility management

Order management

- Centralization of work orders
- Overview of all processes in real time
- Generate PDF reports with signatures in 5 seconds

Platform for collaboration

Delegate tasks to employees or service providers with just a few clicks. Stay informed about the current status of your work at all times. Convince with bulletproof evidence

Asset Management

Simply create any equipment with your smartphone. Easily distribute and retrieve devices such as keys. Conveniently plan all recurring tasks.

Many small and medium-sized facility management teams have opted for Wowflow instead of CAFM.

Investing €50k-€100k for a CAFM system that we can only test after 12 months didn't sound sensible at all. Fortunately, we found Wowflow.

David Smaniotto
Managing Director

ARO Consortium

We first introduced a different CAFM system. However, the results were not optimal, as the daily work became even more complicated. That's why we opted for Wowflow instead.

Ivica Grgic

Phrixus (part of the Engie Group)

Not convinced yet? Arrange a free product tour and try Wowflow for yourself.

During the 30-minute product tour you will:

  • Receive your own account that you can use immediately
  • Get to know all core modules
  • familiarize yourself with the first configuration