Plan maintenance and automate work
with our maintenance scheduling software

Wowflow helps facility management teams plan building maintenance with 90% less effort

No credit card. No contract.

These leading facility management teams automate repetitive maintenance with Wowflow.

Do you want to keep missing the obligatory inspection and spending hours following up on people?

You are legally responsible for building maintenance that others often don’t do as they should. So you run after people and constantly have stress.

The old way
  • Maintenance schedules in multiple Excels no one looks at
  • No idea whether internal team or externals did work as agreed
  • Spend 1-2 hours a day running after people and collecting docs
The better way
  • Maintenance schedules in one place with automated tickets
  • See in real-time what work was done and what was missed
  • Automate reminders and make people collect data for you

How It Works

Upload your maintenance schedules to Wowflow.
Then automatically create, delegate, and track the work

Maintenance scheduling can be simple. Have dynamic maintenance plans in one place and know in real-time when something wasn’t done.

Simply create or upload maintenance schedules

  • Create maintenance schedules with any intervals in a few clicks
  • Upload existing Excel schedules to have dynamic plans in one place
  • Add all information (like people or assets) to any schedule

Automatically delegate, follow up, or collect data

  • Assign schedules (even to externals) to create repetitive work orders
  • Send automatic follow-ups or reminders if work hasn't been done
  • Make it obligatory to upload any pictures or fill out checklists

See the status of any maintenance in real-time

  • See the work status in the weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar view
  • Get a real-time overview at the person, building, or asset level
  • Know immediately if something doesn't go according to the plan

We're here to help you begin using our maintenance scheduling software.
In days, not months

Things we do to ensure your successful onboarding:
  • Explain in 1 hour how Wowflow works
  • Upload all your maintenance schedule Excel files
  • Get in touch every 2-4 weeks for status updates

Multiple facility management teams already use Wowflow to automate scheduled maintenance

By automating the maintenance tasks, we save around two hours of work every day. That's 20 hours a week for two back-office team members.

Katarina Cigoja
Operations Manager
Think Clean Objektbetreuungs

With Wowflow, all my work is on a single plate, so to speak. I always have the overview I need and don’t have to use many different tools at the same time.

Ivica Grgic
Phrixus (part of Engie Group)

You are 5 minutes away from automating your maintenance scheduling

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  • Get a free onboarding from our team
  • Test Wowflow yourself before making any commitment


Maintenance scheduler software plays a crucial role in facility management, ensuring that no essential maintenance tasks are overlooked. The right maintenance scheduler software enhances your team’s efficiency, enables precise planning, and saves costs and stress through timely actions.

  • Import of existing maintenance plans to prevent duplicated work.
  • Reminder function for recurring maintenance to ensure no maintenance tasks are overlooked.
  • Assignment of tasks to employees and external service providers so that everyone knows what needs to be done.
  • Calendar overview for quick recognition of upcoming maintenance and prevention of oversights

Yes, Wowflow has a free “Start” package. It includes up to 10 user licenses and 10 tasks a month.

When you reach the limit, you can upgrade the “Start” package to the “Team” package to get unlimited tickets and other benefits.