Simply create PDF reports with pictures on the go using our photo documentation app.

Wowflow helps facility management teams create PDF reports with all their pictures
right from the mobile app, in 1 minute.

No credit card. No contract.

These leading facility management teams create beautiful PDF reports with pictures in a few clicks.

Do you want to keep spending 2-3 hours of your time to create one PDF report with pictures?

Manual photo documentation costs you a tenth of thousands of euros in work time. And if you don’t do it, you risk having serious legal issues.

The old way:
  • Tons of pictures all over the place (WhatsApp, Email, Phone)
  • Spend 2-3 hours to manually create one PDF report
  • Cannot find PDF or pictures during the legal disputes
The better way:
  • All pictures go automatically in one app
  • Spend 1-2 minutes to create one customized PDF report
  • Have bullet-proof documentation for any legal disputes

How It Works

Take pictures via mobile app during your building maintenance or inspection. Then generate any PDF report in few clicks.

Photo documentation can be simple. Take pictures via Wowflow instead of WhatsApp and easily create any documents you need.

Delegate the task to internals and externals

  • Allocate a task to any person in three clicks.
  • Internal team members work via the app. External partners collaborate via integrated email.
  • See the work status in real time and automatically follow up.

Simply collect all pictures. In one place

  • Take up to 30 pictures. Add drawings & comments if needed.
  • Automatically upload pictures to the right task. Even if offline.
  • Store other relevant information like time or location.

Create beautiful PDF reports in few clicks

  • Create and send PDF reports in 1-2 minutes. From a desktop or mobile app.
  • Customize reports and decide what information or pictures to include.
  • Add mobile signature, company logo, and more

We're here to help you begin using our photo documentation software. In days, not months

Things we do to ensure your successful onboarding:
  • Upload all existing data that you have
  • Explain in 1 hour how Wowflow works
  • Get in touch every 2-4 weeks for status update

Multiple facility management teams already use Wowflow to create PDF reports with pictures 10x faster

It used to take us 2-3 days to create a PDF report for a single asset. With Wowflow, we do it in few seconds.

Ivica Grgic
Facility manager
Phrixus d.o.o. (Engie Group)

We generate our maintenance reports for final billing directly through Wowflow. No more searching for photos—everything's now in one place.

Manuela Rechling
Property management administration
P17 Immobilienservice

You are 5 minutes away from making photo documentation of your work in few seconds

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  • Get a free onboarding from our team
  • Test Wowflow yourself before making any commitment


With photo documentation software, it is possible to create and manage images and integrate them into a report. This can serve as visual evidence of work carried out, on-site reporting or the documentation of damage, for example.

Photo documentation software typically includes features such as cloud-based storage, customizable report output, annotations, and markers on images. Additionally, there should be an option for offline use.

Yes, Wowflow has a free package “Start” that includes up to 10 user licenses and up to 10 tasks a month.

Once you reach the ticket limit, you can decide whether to upgrade the “Start” package to the “Team” package which has an unlimited number of tickets and other benefits.

Wowflow is not a construction photo documentation app per se. While we do have customers from the construction sector, we are not a plan-based solution (which is often a requirement in construction).

Instead, we specialize in facility management teams and provide the most simple & collaborative solution for this sector.