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Asset management

Asset management software is a powerful tool in the facilities management section, helping you manage all your equipment and assets efficiently. Whether you are managing equipment like building keys, or keeping track of all data about your assets, such as HVAC systems, asset management software ensures everything runs smoothly and stays organized.

Asset management

Manage your assets with ease

Feeling like you’re “drowning in” asset management? Simplify the process by tracking all your building assets in one place. Allow everyone, including external contractors, to access asset data by scanning QR codes. Plus, automatically collect the data you need.

Asset maintenance

Automate your asset maintenance plans

Does planning asset maintenance overwhelm you? Automate your tasks effortlessly. Keep an eye on asset and employee schedules in real-time with our easy-to-use calendar view. Receive timely maintenance alerts and generate reports with just a few clicks.

Equipment tracking

Simplify your key management

Losing keys and equipment all too easily? Keep track of all your keys and equipment in one place with Wowflow. Assign items to any worker or external company, monitor their status, and request returns with just a few clicks. Go paperless with digital confirmations and signatures.

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