CAFM: Why you need it and what advantages it has for your facility management

The digital transformation does not stop at the real estate industry.

New, dynamic software solutions ensure that facility management evolves with today’s working environment.

This includes the optimal use of resources and buildings as well as clear workflow management. High safety standards also require seamless, automated documentation. Smart CAFM software helps you specifically for these purposes.

But what options does the market offer?

Read our article to find out why a CAFM system is the key to greater efficiency in facility management and what you should look out for when making your choice.

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Brief overview
  • CAFM is comprehensive and combines several applications centrally. This means you no longer have to resort to various individual solutions.
  • Gain an overview and reduce your coordination effort. CAFM offers many advantages, especially for complex organizations and companies.
  • However, the introduction of new systems requires a high level of resources. Therefore, lean and easy-to-implement solutions are often completely sufficient.

What is CAFM?

CAFM stands for Computer Assisted Facility Management. It supports users with applications and processes in facilities management and usually consists of a combination of a database and a user interface.

CAFM is driving the digital transformation that has also found its way into the real estate industry. Also as a PropTech such applications are primarily aimed at minimizing administrative effort and the associated costs. The aim is therefore to make better use of existing resources.

The primary advantage of a CAFM solution is that it combines many application areas centrally. This makes the use of various individual solutions superfluous. Manual processes that previously required handwritten notes, phone calls and lengthy transfers to databases are also a thing of the past. These resources can now be dedicated to the core business. Lengthy, confusing administration is a thing of the past.

The 7 most important advantages of CAFM at a glance:

  1. Time and cost savings
  2. Simplified planning and implementation of maintenance
  3. Seamless documentation on demand
  4. Increased safety in accordance with the operator ordinance
  5. Automation and simplification of processes
  6. Increasing efficiency and quality
  7. Clear order distribution and communication

The challenges of CAFM: Is it right for you?

Despite the advantages, the purchase of a CAFM should be carefully considered. Large complete solutions are not always the best way to go.

The 3 biggest challenges when purchasing CAFM

  1. High costs: Licenses for a CAFM application are cost-intensive. Calculate your budget carefully.

  2. Human resources: A CAFM database must be implemented and the handling of it must be learned – this requires a dedicated task force.

  3. Implementation time: To integrate a complex CAFM solution into ongoing operations, a period of six months to two years must be expected.

Depending on the size and complexity of the organization or company, there are different needs. Before choosing CAFM, it is therefore necessary to decide which functions are required and to what extent. Leaner solutions are often perfectly adequate.

Wowflow is an easy-to-implement alternative to conventional CAFM software. But even if you already use facility management software, you can add selected functions with the Wowflow add-on – quickly and easily.

Wowflow offers an uncomplicated alternative to conventional CAFMStart now!

CAFM system: differentiation from asset management and building management

It is not always easy to distinguish between new information services and new services. Technical terms and abbreviations often make this even more difficult. Once understood, however, the terms help to differentiate between the various solutions.

Asset Management

Asset management translates from English as asset management. In this case, the assets represent technical equipment, buildings and infrastructure.

The aim is to maximize optimal utilization over the life cycle and thus increase their value. Maintenance plans and key figures are also recorded here and investment decisions are simplified.

Unlike facility management, asset management is therefore not concerned with the physical condition and use of the property or real estate.  

Building management

Building management is a sub-area of facility management that is only used during the operating phase of a property. It is usually divided into the areas of technology, infrastructure, commercial administration and optimal space management.

During the use of the property, tasks such as installation, servicing, modernization, planning and controlling fall under building management. The abundance already shows that this makes more sense for larger and more complex buildings and systems.

For less complexity, a simple property management is usually sufficient.

What functions does a CAFM offer?

The fundamental advantage of a CAFM system is that it is a comprehensive complete solution. As a user, you will find various task areas directly combined here instead of having to resort to complex individual solutions.

A CAFM offers the following functions, among others:

Technical Facility Management
  • Maintenance & servicing
  • Asset management
  • Technical documentation
  • Energy management
Commercial facility management
  • Cost calculation
  • Reports & key figures
  • Order management
  • Personnel accounting
Infrastructural facility management
  • Site and land use plans
  • Building cleaning
  • Key management
  • Logistics
Superordinate functions
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Budget management
  • Quality assurance
Process support
  • Multi-client capability
  • External service providers
  • Complementary integration
Operator responsibility
  • Rulebook portals
  • Risk assessment
  • Requirements & competencies
  • 2D
  • 3D
More on the topic
More on the topic
  • Maximize your building performance with technical facility management.
  • How commercial facility management optimizes your business processes.
  • Optimize your building equipment with infrastructural facility management.
  • Discover the advantages of efficient key management.

What CAFM systems are available? 5 tools in comparison

CAFM is a complete solution. Each CAFM solution is tailored to a specific target group, which leads to considerable differences in the performance and complexity of the individual solutions.

Below we have presented the 7 most popular tools on the market in 3 categories:

In our comprehensive CAFM software overview you will find out what advantages these 7 CAFM programs offer, and you will receive detailed information about their features.

7 advantages of Computer Aided Facility Management

The advantages of Computer Aided Facility Management are not just that it combines several applications centrally. Used correctly, CAFM enables you to further develop your facility management tasks, strengthen your team and uncover potential.

1. Time and cost savings

Real-time recording allows you to keep an eye on your costs at all times. Cost drivers and inefficiencies can thus be quickly identified and restructured. Protocols generated by the system show you specific recommendations for action to optimize processes and budgets.

2. Automation of maintenance and servicing

Are you losing valuable time by constantly picking up routine processes? Recurring tasks, such as maintenance intervals or standard protocols, can be fully automated in a CAFM.

Once everything is combined in the system, you can replace tedious manual processes. This gives your team clear access to existing knowledge that remains secure within the company. You then deploy your resources where they will achieve the greatest benefit.

3. Complete documentation

For an overview of your key figures or to check your operator obligations: thanks to the central collection of all important information, you always have up-to-date documentation at your fingertips.

4. Optimize your efficiency

The use of your systems can be optimized through forward-looking planning. Systems in need of maintenance can be quickly identified via the system and measures can be scheduled at the best time. Accelerated communication between those responsible minimizes downtime.

5. Simplified task management

CAFM systems allow responsibilities to be clearly assigned and the coordination effort to be minimized. This allows you to call up and prioritize the status of all orders via centralized ticketing. Gone are the days of manual merging from several programs, which can quickly lead to a loss of overview.

6. Increased security and guaranteed legal compliance

A CAFM helps you to ensure that the necessary regulations in terms of operator responsibility are complied with, and you can check this using checklists. Such an approach will in turn help you to save costs, as potential infringements are prevented by identifying problems at an early stage. Should a claim nevertheless occur, the system provides you with complete reporting.

7. Increase in quality

Continuous performance monitoring ensures that you can check the current quality of your facility management. This allows you to keep your standards high and continuously improve your processes.

Smart Facility tools for decision-making help you to target the necessary levers.

When do you need a CAFM?

CAFM software helps you to maintain an overview – especially if you operate several buildings with a large number of facilities. Even with large and complex properties, room planning and booking or infrastructure can be clearly managed.

Detailed inventories and lists of equipment or plant components are recorded centrally and their current status and whereabouts are tracked.

The largest users of CAFM therefore include public buildings and infrastructure facilities. Compliance with operator obligations, complete documentation and rapid rectification of malfunctions are particularly important here.

Wowflow - the most important functions at a glance

Now that you know the most important features of CAFM systems, you know how complex the solutions available on the market are.

How does Wowflow differ from conventional CAFMs?

Wowflow is primarily a task and collaboration tool.

To avoid large-scale new acquisitions on your side, the software can be used to supplement your existing CAFM as required. For example, workflows can be easily integrated. Wowflow is added to your CAFM as an add-on.

Do you have problems keeping track of all processes on site despite having CAFM software? Then Wowflow is the perfect addition for you. See for yourself! 


Start here!

At the same time, Wowflow can make the work of facility managers easier without using a CAFM tool. Not every facility management provider needs software as complex as most CAFMs offer.

The range of functions can be overwhelming under certain circumstances and complicate processes. That’s why Wowflow offers a simple solution to make work easier, collaborate as a team, manage orders and manage assets.

Wowflow is therefore a simple, easy-to-implement alternative to existing CAFMs.

How Wowflow can support you

  • Order management software
    Easily manage facility management orders and processes.

  • Asset Management Software
    Manage your systems and equipment efficiently.

  • Personnel resource planning
    Plan your personnel resources simply and clearly. Task management, time recording and team communication from a single source.

  • Project management
    Your company data can be called up in the system at any time. This allows you to plan a large number of projects in detail and keep an eye on your progress. You get smooth communication, optimum use of resources and full cost control.

  • Maintenance software
    Comply with your obligations as an operator without any problems. Wowflow reliably supports you in handling and optimizing maintenance appointments and maintenance processes on time. The necessary resources are considered directly for them.

Get to know the advantages of Wowflow without obligation. Start here now!

Wowflow also makes it easier for you and your team to work together thanks to smooth collaboration and seamless documentation.

  • Task management
    Have you had enough of tedious manual processes, loose pieces of paper and phone calls where you quickly lose track of things? Wowflow task management clearly displays responsibilities. Real-time reports give you a status overview and allow you to prioritize quickly from case to case.

  • Key management
    Reliable key management within seconds. Use this feature to solve one of the central interface problems in facility management. Lost keys are now a thing of the past.

  • Central ticketing
    Whether via app or email – tickets are registered, assigned and tracked in one place. Gone are the days of manual transfers and forgotten orders.

  • Automatic time recording Always up to date. See which team member is working on what for each object. All important documents are conveniently linked in one place. Exporting also works at the touch of a button.

Make your facility management more efficient.

Get started with Wowflow today!


CAFM systems are part of the digital transformation in facility management. The comprehensive software solutions ensure that companies and organizations can adapt their work processes to the increasingly dynamic environment.

The greatest advantages of CAFM lie in the increase in efficiency through cost and time savings in the management of operational real estate and properties. Task management, reports and safety regulations are centrally manageable and accessible.

The commissioning of a CAFM itself, on the other hand, is not a quick undertaking. Deciding on the right provider and relevant scope of services sometimes involves complex implementations and training. The licence costs are also not affordable for every company.

The Wowflow software offers you an uncomplicated way to raise your facility management to a new level of efficiency.

If conventional CAFM systems are unnecessarily complex for your company, Wowflow is the right alternative for you.

You already have a CAFM, but are not fully satisfied? That’s no problem either. Simply supplement your existing CAFM with the Wowflow add-ons you need.

FAQ: Computer Aided Facility Management Software

The Wowflow software offers you an intuitive tool that can be used independently as a lean alternative to a CAFM can be used. At the same time, it can also as an add-on to existing CAFM and support your team with additional functions.

The advantages of Wowflow in comparison

WowflowComprehensive CAFM tools
Implementation durationA few hours6 months – 2 years
Team training costsIntuitive set-upTraining intensive
Cost expenditureFrom free start version50.000 € +
Complex data processing and visual representation (e.g. flow charts)x

As solutions are often offered on an individualized basis, it is almost impossible to give a general rate. As a rule, a cost of €50,000 can be expected for minimum variants. However, professional solutions with more flexibility are many times more expensive.

Wowflow offers you packages tailored to your needs, which you can explore with a free starter version.

Find your suitable offer.

Commercially available standard versions of CAFM software primarily support you in the following areas:

  • Cost management
  • Service and maintenance
  • Cleaning management
  • Land use
  • Technical documentation


They can cover a lot of ground, but are also very complex.

Would you like to supplement your existing CAFM or find a lean solution to suit your needs?

Start now!

Once you have decided on a system, the procurement of a CAFM is not the end of the story – the right implementation is what counts. This is usually carried out on the basis of an established step-by-step plan, for example: Formation of a task force, preparation of a profitability analysis and implementation of a pilot project.

The implementation of Wowflow is uncomplicated and saves resources. Do you need more information?

We will answer all your questions!

The following criteria can help you make your choice:

  • Zertifizierung gemäß GEFMA (German Facility Management Association)
  • Calculation of costs and resources
  • Integration capability with your existing IT structure
  • Specialized providers in your industry
  • Offer of a free demo version


Our Wowflow software can be easily integrated or can add the necessary functions to your existing CAFM.

Start today!