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Who we are and why we do wowflow.

“Years of development, over 10,000 completed work orders and customers from various industries lead to the Wowflow success! Simple, intuitive, with no unnecessary bells and whistles, that's how software should be. Digital facility management of tomorrow.”

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"We give the maintenance teams a digital tool they love to use."

As a Technical Director of the Viennese biggest shopping center, Wowflow founder DI Drazen Ivanis experienced personally, how much time and effort maintenance teams spend just on communication, coordination, and reporting – more than half of their time to be precise.

Trello, Asana, Microsoft Teams, and many other productivity tools didn’t work well because the maintenance and service teams required extremely intuitive, field friendly, and tailor fit solutions any team member can use no matter the age, education, language, or motivation. 

Something as simple as WhatsApp, but with all features that can help to simplify the whole maintenance routine including coordination, planning, work with external companies, reporting, etc. And this is why we created Wowflow.

Two years later, Wowflow is a team of 10+ people that understand the challenges of maintenance teams and strive to create the simplest solution possible that works. We are a digital tool that field teams love to use; transparent overview and workflows that simplify the life of maintenance managers; and data insights that help property owners to manage their assets in the most efficient way.

Work efficiently, communicate easily, collaborate better!

Unlike some complicated, bulky software and in-house solutions, Wowflow was created together with property maintenance teams to give all frontline workers everything needed to handle the daily work better and faster.