What are the tasks of a technical manager? | Drazen Ivanis in an interview with Lukas Käfer and Manuel Jarc

The tasks of a technical manager are multifaceted. That is what Manuel Jarc – technical director of Vienna’s most popular shopping center – likes most about his job. Lukas Käfer – also the technical manager of a Viennese shopping center – points out the difference between old and new buildings and what they mean for his work. In an interview with Drazen Ivanis, however, the two also reveal that everyday work is associated with a lot of pressure and stress.

„In the end, one mustn’t forget the ultimate goal: the visitors to the center should feel comfortable. We are responsible for that.“

Lukas Käfer

Using Wowflow makes it much easier to communicate with colleagues, reduce reporting times and assign tasks – Jarc is very grateful for that. Because: Structures and processes play a particularly important role in this profession. In addition, the two professionals reveal which qualities a technical manager must have.

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We would like to thank Manuel Jarc and Lukas Käfer for the interesting conversation.

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