Maintenance plan template: Maximum effectiveness and time savings in one document

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Let us help you to make the maintenance process more efficient and less stressful. In our article, you will learn why it is so important to have a maintenance plan template and checklists and how you can benefit from them.

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Maintenance plan template: Origin and definition

Unfortunately, company managers, facility managers and owners often find that neglected building maintenance leads to the deterioration of their property over time.

Machinery, building infrastructure and technical equipment represent long-term investments that are often associated with considerable acquisition costs.

Regular preventive maintenance and timely repairs protect your employees, your investment and create safe and welcoming buildings.

The maintenance plan helps you to coordinate the regular maintenance and servicing of technical systems, devices or buildings.

Key findings

A maintenance plan shows in a document which work orders the maintenance team should complete in a certain time. This describes who takes on which tasks and when.

The maintenance plan template is used by companies and professionals in the field of technology and facility management.

The plan serves as a work order, schedule and checklist for the main maintenance players, such as electrical engineers, facility management teams, building technicians or janitors.

Maintenance and service plans are important tools for timely and efficient maintenance. They are usually provided in the form of a calendar, PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
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In addition, digital solutions such as facility management software or asset management software are particularly attractive.

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9 Advantages of a maintenance plan template

Templates for maintenance plans offer a number of advantages. We have listed the 9 most important ones for you.

1. Time saving

By using a ready-made maintenance plan template, you can save valuable time by not having to create a new plan from scratch on every occasion. You can simply use the existing template and customize it.

2. Structured organization

A maintenance plan template helps you to organize all important information in a structured way. You can clearly display relevant data such as defect status, responsibilities, maintenance lists and deadlines.

3. Consistency and standardization

A template ensures that maintenance plans are uniform and standardized. This ensures that all maintenance is carried out to the same high standards.

Get your free "Maintenance plan excel" here!
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4. Overview and tracking

With a maintenance plan template, you can keep track of all upcoming maintenance work. You can track which tasks have already been completed and which are still outstanding.

5. Compliance with regulations and laws

By using a maintenance plan template, you can ensure that you comply with all legal and official regulations with regard to regular maintenance. You can analyze important aspects such as compliance and operator responsibility into the template.

6. Effective use of resources

By having a detailed maintenance plan in advance, you can use resources such as manpower, materials and equipment more efficiently. This increases productivity and minimizes unnecessary downtime.

7. Extended service life of systems

Maintenance plans are part of the operational maintenance and servicing strategy. Maintenance and preventive maintenance allow potential problems to be identified and rectified in good time.

8. Cost savings

Timely maintenance and servicing can prevent expensive repairs and downtime. A maintenance plan template helps you to keep track of costs and save money in the long term.

9. Safety in the workplace

Regular inspections and maintenance measures minimize the risk of accidents or damage and thus create a safer working environment for everyone involved.

The key components of an effective maintenance plan

A professional maintenance plan contains precise information about upcoming maintenance tasks. This information includes:

  • Identification of the systems, objects or machines to be checked.
  • Names of the specialists responsible for maintenance.
  • Date of maintenance and time interval for recurring maintenance.
  • Type and purpose of the measures, such as inspections, monthly maintenance or replacement of defective parts.
  • List of required spare parts, materials and tools.
  • Determination of the priority level, whether it is a preventive measure, an urgent repair or a critical condition.

To ensure that your maintenance plan contains all the important information, we offer you three free maintenance plan templates.

Our free maintenance plan template

Our basic maintenance plan template is available for a compact calendar view of all measures:

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For a detailed insight into the maintenance plans for each device, we recommend our template with separate calendars per system and maintenance report:

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Our free checklists and maintenance logs

Our comprehensive checklists and detailed maintenance logs guide technicians through every step of the process. They ensure comprehensive control of all types of buildings and their specific devices.

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Use of digital tools for optimal organization of the maintenance plan

As a rule, the complexity of maintenance management increases with the size of the company. In such cases, a digital maintenance planner offers considerable advantages compared to a maintenance planner for Excel.

Software enables the customization of templates, the marking of attachments and the automatic planning of tasks. A maintenance planner in Excel can become confusing over time.

With Wowflow, you can add multiple data sheets, checklists and images without compromising clarity.

Even if you have good checklists and templates, you still have to fill out the documents, carry them, bring them to the office and then scan them.

This process may be acceptable for a few inspections per year, but it becomes increasingly complex as responsibility increases.

Wowflow digitizes your inspection forms: Eliminate the hassle of paperwork in just three simple steps.

Follow these three simple steps to optimize your maintenance management:

1. Create a maintenance checklist

a. Customize as desired.

b. Define different checklists for different measures.

2. Create a maintenance task with a predefined checklist:

a. Your maintenance team has all the information in the mobile app.

b. Your team uses the checklist to carry out the maintenance task.

c. And best of all: any additional images or comments are automatically saved in the maintenance task.

3. Generate automated maintenance reports in PDF format:

a. Once the task is complete, you can create professional PDF reports at the touch of a button.

b. Do you need a signature as official proof? We take care of it.

c. Save your reports in Wowflow with advanced filters or upload them to your ERP / CAFM tool.

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Conclusion: Maximum effectiveness and time savings with a well-structured, customizable maintenance plan template

Maintenance plan templates can be used to standardize and optimize the entire maintenance process, from planning to documentation.

All details relevant to maintenance, such as device data, persons responsible, intervals and checklists, can be recorded in the template.

At the same time, companies can adapt the template to their specific requirements. Different machine parks or building types can be mapped with their own checklists and protocols.

The templates thus ensure transparency and process stability in day-to-day maintenance. However, creating and updating them manually can be time-consuming. This is where digital tools such as the Wowflow maintenance plan software offer great added value.


To create a maintenance plan, you must first identify the objects/machines to be maintained, define the maintenance intervals and assign responsible persons.

You can fill in our professional templates, create your own maintenance plans or use a digital solution such as Wowflow.

A maintenance plan includes important information about machines in the company, such as name, location, time of purchase and use. Also included are details of the last and next maintenance, time intervals and contact details of the responsible service person.

Detailed information on the planned maintenance work and inspection points resulting from the design and functions of the appliances is particularly important.

A maintenance log template is a document that documents the maintenance work that has actually been carried out. It contains the data of completed maintenance work and is used for complete documentation of past maintenance work.

Wowflow ensures a high level of transparency. Your information can be retrieved at any time for control purposes. Discover all the benefits with our free demo!

The maintenance plan defines the content and timing of future maintenance work. The maintenance log documents in detail the maintenance measures that have already been carried out.