Cleaning software Wowflow  helps MTR Cleaning achieve 20 percent revenue increase

MTR Cleaning and Wowflow: a success story

“With the help of Wowflow, we managed to win the EURO PLAZA building in Vienna as a client. The QR code feature was the main selling point.”

Predrag Cvetkovic, Operative Managing Director


MTR Cleaning GmbH is a professional company for building cleaning and facility services. Established on the market for over 25 years, the company now serves a large customer base – both private and commercial. The focus is on glass and facade cleaning, office and stairwell cleaning, basic and special cleaning and conservatory cleaning.

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Wowflow takes MTR Cleaning GmbH to a new level of professionalism and increases the competitiveness of the cleaning company

As in many other cleaning and facility service companies, MTR Cleaning used to work with WhatsApp until recently. The messenger app was used to place orders, send photos and for general documentation. The problem: In the back office, the required materials had to be painstakingly gathered and turned into a semi-professional protocol.

“We wanted to become more professional, provide better service, work more efficiently and stand out even more from the competition.”

Predrag Cvetkovic, Operational Managing Director


That’s when Wowflow came along at just the right time. “The pandemic has made people more open to digitization in our industry. QR codes, for example, are no longer a foreign concept. Everyone knows how to use them,” says Cvetkovic. So at the beginning of 2022, Wowflow and MTR Cleaning began their journey together. The starting project: a pitch for the EURO PLAZA office complex in Vienna. During the presentation, the cleaning company clearly communicated the advantage of working with our cleaning and facility management software.

A QR code was created especially for the pitch, which the decision-makers could test out immediately. The reaction: It works! And it is clearly something that the competition could not offer. So MTR got the job. Since then, the Wowflow QR codes can be found in various places in the office building – for example, by the elevators. If someone encounters dirt there, the code can be scanned (even without an app) and the problem fixed. “The EURO PLAZA team actually tested this right at the beginning, too: They reported a coffee stain in front of an elevator to us. Within 15 minutes, our cleaner was on site. 15 minutes later, we were able to complete the job in Wowflow,” Cvetkovic tells us.

Another advantage that our MTR Cleaning software brings: as soon as the job is completed, a professional report with company logo is immediately created and automatically sent to the customer when set.

Another advantage that our software offers: As soon as the task is completed, a professional report with company logo is immediately created and automatically sent to the customer.


“The Wowflow protocols are very well received by our clients. In fact, it’s getting to the point where they’re requesting them from other service providers as well.”

Predrag Cvetkovic, Chief Operating Officer



And not only that, sometimes MTR Cleaning can even acquire additional jobs with the help of Wowflow. In these cases, the QR codes are scanned and an additional service, such as window cleaning, is requested. It has never been so easy to generate jobs.

“For us, Wowflow offers a real competitive advantage. In addition to the QR codes, the automatic reporting also works perfectly. We can prove to our clients when our staff was where and whether the work has already been done. The photos document all this in just a few seconds. The Wowflow team is always there when we have questions or problems. And if all the promised new features are implemented – which I’m sure they will be – then the software really is the most optimal solution on the market.”

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