Record, track, optimize: Mobile time tracking in facilities management

Workflows in facilities management are becoming increasingly more digital and mobile as smartphones and tablets become commonplace. In our article, you will find out how using mobile devices for time tracking can increase efficiency to make the daily work of facility management teams easier.

Learn about modern solutions which allow you to link the recorded working time to a specific location, equipment or asset.

Enjoy an innovative mobile-first approach that empowers facility managers with the tools required to tackle their most challenging tasks – anytime, anywhere.

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Mobile time tracking for facilities management: applications and advantages

Many employees see the tracking of their working time as a a tedious chore. Therefore, it is frequently neglected and postponed to a later time, resulting in incorrect recording of information.

Mobile time tracking in facilities management simplifies the procedure of recording employees’ work hours, resulting in an improved quality and accuracy of the collected time tracking data.

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Mobile time tracking — the key to your control over resource management

The realization of facilities management involves participation of service providers and staff from a variety of disciplines, ranging from commercial cleaning to equipment maintenance and asset management.

This is where efficient time tracking systems come into play. They are essential not just for optimal work time scheduling, but for continuous monitoring and strategic resource planning as well.

Handymen, building maintenance staff and facility managers all partake in building maintenance and maintain its technical assets. Some of the workers are fully employed and bound to one location, while others are responsible for the maintenance of multiple facilities on a part-time basis.

Facility management teams require a quick and easy to use solution, no matter where they are or the conditions they are operating under.

Five important functions of mobile time tracking in facility management

Next, we present five key applications that make investing into mobile time tracking tools  worthwhile in facility management.

1. Automatic time tracking in real time

You are able to activate automatic time tracking at any given location. This allows every employee to document their working hours spent on a particular task by clocking in and out. And, most importantly, this function can even be used while in offline mode.

With Wowflow’s practical calendar view (see picture above), you can set a desired working time schedule and assign tasks to your team members.

Wowflow allows for smooth communication with all members of your team by automatically translating task instructions into 10 different languages!

You receive real-time updates with information on the progress made on each task. You are able to see whether a person has started their work on time and whether the task has been completed by the deadline you’ve set.  

2. GPS tracking: Precise documentation of performed work

Thanks to GPS functionality, employees can provide solid proof of their  timely presence at the location, which is particularly important for companies providing services on many different sites, for example during building cleaning or event management.

Wowflow’s GPS navigation feature allows your teams to reach their destination goals efficiently.

3. Integration with other tools resulting in an end-to-end solution

The possibility to track time directly on site, automatically uploading it to all your systems in real time, prevents errors derived from manual data entry or post-work amendments.

Some of the available mobile time tracking tools have weak spots, such as a limited set of functions or no option to integrate into other company systems.

Wowflow’s intuitive solution can be used as an add-on and be seamlessly integrated into existing CAFM, ERP systems or payroll accounting software 

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4. Precise recording: track working time and store documentation for each individual asset

The use of QR codes takes time tracking to an even higher precision level. Meaning, it is not only possible to track time spent in a particular building, but also in a specific room or a single asset or equipment.

Your customer can therefore receive a complete, digital report that they can sign digitally and easily with the digital PDF signature, without any specialized tools.


Mobile time tracking offers numerous advantages. One of which is precision, as it allows to exactly record work time spent in different buildings, rooms or facilities.

Yet another advantage is the transparency you show to clients with the help of complete digital reports. Giving your customers a clear overview of the work you have performed.

Flexibility is also an advantage of mobile time tracking, as tasks can be conveniently planned and checked from any location, by using a smartphone or a tablet.

Furthermore, tedious manual entry is no longer necessary to facilitate time tracking, which frees up valuable employee time and enables the smooth operation of your company’s core processes, increasing overall efficiency and leading to success.