Proof of activity: templates, definition and practical tips

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What is a certificate of activity?

An activity record is a written confirmation or record that documents an activity performed, such as tasks completed, projects or hours worked. This can involve different types of work, such as completed janitorial tasks repairs, security checks or maintenance.

The format of an activity report is not standardized, but the report must be in writing. A certificate of employment template can be in the form of a time sheet or employment reference, for example.

It proves that the employee or service provider is actually employed and has provided a specific service.

What is the purpose of the activity report?

An activity report is an important tool for confirming and documenting an employee’s professional activities.

By precisely recording work performance, it is possible, for example, to analyze which tasks are particularly time-consuming or resource-intensive.

This allows targeted optimizations to be made in order to improve workflows, simplify processes or distribute the workload appropriately.

In addition to being used internally to evaluate and track an employee’s performance, the activity report also plays a decisive role externally.

Facility managers can use an activity report for various service providers:

In addition, service providers use the activity report to give their customers a clear picture of the scope of their professional activities and their references. This not only serves as a sign of trust, but also strengthens the professional profile and credibility of the individual service provider in the market.

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In the following, we will look at other specific forms of proof of activity that serve a particular purpose.

Other types of proof of employment: Proof of employment, certificate of employment and employment reference

There are three common forms of proof of employment: the certificate of employment, the certificate of employment and the employment reference.

1. proof of work

A certificate of employment contains all the essential conditions of an employment relationship:

  • Address and name of employee and employer
  • Starting date of the employment relationship and possibly the duration
  • Description of the employee’s activities
  • Place of employment
  • Amount of remuneration
  • Notice period
  • Agreed working hours and vacation days

The employee needs this document if there is no written employment contract. It serves as a substitute for the employment contract.

The work record is often used as internal documentation for the tasks carried out by installers, technicians and fitters.

This document has an important function for internal accounting. It records working times, travel times, break times and other relevant information. The HR department uses this data to calculate the payroll, including any overtime. In addition, expenses such as hotel, travel and meal costs are often listed in this work record.

2. certificate of employment

Companies are obliged to issue certificates of employment. The employee receives it at the end of an employment contract.

It states:

  • Type of employment
  • Start date and end of the employment relationship
  • Amount of remuneration

The employee must submit this certificate to the Employment Agency (DE) or the Public Employment Service (AT) in order to apply for unemployment benefit.

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3. job reference

Upon request, the employee receives a reference at the end of the employment contract.

As part of the employee recruitment the reference also plays an important role. Employers can use this certification of an applicant’s previous activities and achievements to better assess whether they have the necessary skills and qualifications to fill the position offered.

A meaningful certificate of employment can therefore make a significant contribution to assessing the suitability of an applicant for a position and selecting the right person for the vacant position.

A brief summary of the main points

Main differences between a certificate of employment and a reference:

  • In contrast to a classic activity record, a work record contains most of the details that can also be found in the employment contract.
  • A reference is often of an evaluative nature and serves to emphasize the skills and performance of an employee. It often goes beyond the purely mandatory information and can, for example, also mention references, special skills or successes of the employee.

Proof of activity templates for technology

There are different variants of activity certificates, which vary depending on the type of activity and the area of work. Specific templates for activity reports can be important for various services. The formatting can vary greatly, so it can be helpful to use several activity report templates.

If you are interested in the professional documentation of technical tasks, we recommend that you take a look at our maintenance and inspection logs and checklists.

Good to know: Proof of activity vs. test and maintenance log

Both the test report as well as the activity record are documents that serve as proof of certain actions or activities within a specific context.

However, a certificate of activity is not a technical log:

  • An inspection report is more technically/objectively oriented, proof of activity is more person-related.
  • Inspection reports are used to document recurring inspections; activity records are generally valid as of today.
  • An inspection report is drawn up by the inspector, a certificate of activity is usually drawn up by the issuer himself or his superior.
  • Test protocols are often prescribed by regulations, while certificates of activity are voluntary for reference.

How do you write an activity report?

Use our free templates to easily create your activity report:

Our activity report template is available to you for simple documentation of your work performance:

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We recommend our certificate of employment template for the quick and uncomplicated creation of certificates of work performed:

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As many different formats of activity record templates often need to be covered, software solutions make it much easier to create records and checklists.

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  • E-signatures:
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