With Wowflow, Top D&D Gebäudereinigung has found software for seamless documentation and resource planning

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The Viennese cleaning company Top D&D is a family business – run by the brothers Daniel and Dalibor Topic since 2008. The range of services includes the following points: building cleaning, basic cleaning, special cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, snow removal, garage cleaning, graffiti removal and clearing.

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Top D&D x Wowflow | How our software is also convincing in the field of building cleaning

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The problem: Complicated and time-consuming documentation, little professional reporting and the coordination of 42 employees

The building cleaning company Top D & amp; D worked for many years with the messenger service WhatsApp. The app is used both for communicating with the 42 employees and for coordinating them. The daily administrative effort can be imagined as follows:

As soon as a Top D & amp; D customer – mostly property management – reported an order, it was sent to the appropriate employee via WhatsApp. The specialist drove to the site and took photos before and after the work was done. The images were sent – again via WhatsApp – to the management assistant, Ms. Vislavski, in the office. There she inserted it into an email, described the work done on site and sent the message to the customer. There was no folder filing system.

The problem that arises from this way of working is the following:

1. Professional resource planning is not possible . Since WhatsApp is designed for simple communication, it is not suitable as a project management tool. This means that the deployment of employees can neither be planned, nor does the app offer storage options for photos and reports. The result: Each employee has to be informed individually about the place of work, orders may be overlooked or it is not clear at first glance whether they have already been completed. There is no central, organized storage of documents.

2. Which leads to the second point: missing or hard-to-find reports in the event of a complaint by the customer. Especially when it comes to insurance claims, it is important to have the necessary documents and photos to hand.

Managing Director Dalibor Topic says: “What is not possible with WhatsApp and Co. : The automatic generation of professional work reports . And that is very important in our industry. If there was a complaint or a inquiry on the part of the property management or the owner, then the search began – and that sometimes took a relatively long time. In such a case, both e-mails and the chat history in WhatsApp have to be searched. If the event was in the distant future, we sometimes even had to find out who was working on site first. ”

3. There is little or no time left for things like new customer acquisition or cross- and up-selling. Ms. Vislavski is mainly busy with employee and customer communication, writing work reports and coordinating orders . With a team of 42 people, that takes a lot of time.

The solution: Image upturn through automatically generated and professional-looking reports, simple resource planning and preservation of evidence

“After the first presentation of Wowflow, a software that we can also optimally use in building cleaning, the decision was made: We’d like to try it out,” says Topic. Said and done.

“What seemed to me to be a great solution is the automatic generation of reports and the seamless documentation of the work processes in the app. What used to be a simple e-mail to the customer is now a professional PDF document. It contains all the data that is important for us and the client – from the location of the report to photos and the course of the work process. We have actually received some positive feedback on the new reports in a relatively short period of time – that is good for our image. ” “If one of our customers has a question or thinks that a task has not been done, we can now provide him / her with clear answers or evidence. Our employee scans the QR code on site, starts the task and ends it. The punctual confirmation with the Wowflow GPS function makes it 100% traceable that the service employee was on site. The photos document the actual completion of the work. The best thing about it: All of this data is in one place and can be called up with just a few clicks. “

“By using the Wowflow software, we can show our customers exactly when their colleagues were where. In the past, the evidence was much more complicated.”

Dalibor Topic

The result: Less effort, professional reports and a reliable coordination tool

“Our assistant Ms. Vislavski got to grips with the new software very quickly. It didn’t take a long training phase. Now she can send professionally prepared reports to our customers on a daily basis – and with far fewer clicks than before. Another big plus point is the fact that all documents are stored and organized in one place. ”As is well known, order is half the battle. It ensures faster processes and an efficient way of working – also in the building cleaning industry.

Within just two months, Top D&D has created over 1,400 work orders on Wowflow and has already completed over 1,200 of them . A closer look shows that, especially in the “Clearing out” category, additional work has been taken over again and again. Why? The on-site employee takes a photo, puts it on Wowflow – with the question of whether this area should also be cleared out – and gets the answer promptly. A chargeable service can be provided within a few minutes.

Top D&D: The greatest advantages :

  1. Automatic and professional reports – “Clearly, this greatly facilitates work and increases our professionalism towards the customer: the automatic generation of a comprehensive report . I have to say that this is one of the biggest advantages of our work with the Wowflow software – besides the already mentioned preservation of evidence . What was simply not easily possible before or would have taken a lot of time, now happens with just a few clicks. Both the customer and us have a document that documents the work done and that can be used later if necessary. ”
  2. Filter function – Ms. Vislavski particularly appreciates the filter function in the Wowflow desktop application as well as the app: “With 396 workspaces created and over 1,400 messages already created, it is particularly important for me to be able to filter. Wowflow offers me a wide range of options in order to be able to work more efficiently and faster. For example, I can only search through a certain category: Our employees do a lot of clearing out, which is why I am often very targeted in this category. The priority and status filters are also constantly in use. ”
  3. Resource planning – In Wowflow we can now quickly check what our employees are currently working on and who is available for new tasks . The team can be better divided into the work areas and divided into activities .

Do you sometimes find resource planning difficult? Or do you want professional reports in just a few clicks? No problem. During a conversation with our customer support team, we will explain how Wowflow works for YOU and your facility service company.