Digital key management: simple ways to organize your keys optimally

Is your key management becoming a mess? Are you looking for the optimum solution for your key management?

Digital key management solutions can help you to organize keys effectively and clearly regulate access authorizations.

This article provides a compact overview of what you need to bear in mind for modern key management and how you can manage your key stock efficiently with lean software or an app.

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Key management: definition and main benefits

Key management is a part of key management and deals with the organization and control of key access in an organization or building. It includes the creation, distribution and tracking of keys as well as ensuring their return and proper storage.

Professional key management plays a key role in facilities management and ensures security, efficiency and smooth processes. Here are the 6 most important advantages of professional key management:

  1. Security enhancement: It controls access to all areas of the building and protects against unauthorized access.
  2. Access control: The administration determines who receives access authorizations; this minimizes the risk of theft and vandalism.
  3. Traceability: Professional systems document who, when and where keys have been used, which is essential in the event of security incidents.
  4. Time saving: Quickly locating and assigning keys eliminates long search times, which optimizes operational processes and relieves your staff.
  5. Loss minimization: In the event of loss or damage, clear processes lead to a quick and effective response in order to minimize security risks and guarantee compliance of operator’s responsibility.
  6. Cost reduction: By preventing the loss and misuse of keys, unnecessary expenditure on key duplications and lock changes is avoided.

The combination of modern technology and proven procedures makes professional key management an indispensable part of building management. It not only creates a safer environment but also supports the effective management and maintenance servicing of real estate properties.

What good key management software can do

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High-quality key management software can provide companies of any size and in any industry with an efficient solution for managing their keys. It supports various key types, from standard door keys to system keys, and thus ensures secure organization. The janitor activities are made easier.

The software should be adaptable to cover all processes of the key organization.

Wowflow provides users with comprehensive functions that are specifically tailored to the workflows of key issues, returns, and maintenance, thus enabling optimized management.

Key management software should ensure that all key movements are logged in a traceable manner. With Wowflow, every movement of a key is seamlessly logged in a digital key book.

Below we present three core functions of Wowflow:

1. Central key management with digital key book

Digital key management with Wowflow enables detailed input options in a digital key book – no more detours via paper forms.

This is how Wowflow makes your key management more efficient:

  • Central key hub: Manage all keys in one central location and track them in real time.
  • Simple key registration: Easily register new keys by uploading a photo with the app or by entering them from an Excel list.
  • Seamless documentation: Seamlessly document all key activities in your digital key catalog. This allows you to track in real time whether the keys are currently in use, overdue, properly stored or who the current owner is.

Record, document and verify all key information digitally in one place – try Wowflow for free here.

2. Hand over the keys smoothly and quickly:

With Wowflow, your key management now only takes two seconds for internal employees and a maximum of 30 seconds for external employees – a significant time saving compared to the usual ten to 15 minutes. Every key issue is tracked.

This is how Wowflow simplifies your key handover:

  • Handover process via QR code: Initiate the handover process simply by scanning the QR code with the Wowflow app.
  • Digital signature: Capture digital signatures every time a key is handed over and send them immediately to external parties.
  • Return control: Easily record the return of keys with a quick QR code scan.

3. Monitoring and management of key return

In conventional key management, returning keys can often be a chaotic process that leads to lost keys. The return of keys is often associated with carelessness and security risks. Wowflow offers a structured solution that optimizes the return process.

The key return process is transparent and secure with Wowflow:

  • Deadline management for key returns: Set return deadlines to monitor compliance effortlessly.
  • Automated return reminders: Send automated reminders to the person who should return the key.
  • Notification system for lost keys: Receive notifications if a lost key is found and its QR code has been scanned.

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Free key management software: a sensible option?

The question of whether free key management software makes sense depends on various factors.

For companies with limited budgets, a free solution can be attractive as it enables them to use basic digital key management functions without additional investment.

However, free software versions are often subject to restrictions in terms of functionality, user numbers or technical support. It is also important to consider the long-term perspective: Scaling the business may require a more powerful and costly system that can keep pace with growing requirements.

In addition, data security should always be a priority – free software may not offer the same security standards as paid services.

Before deciding on free key management software, it should therefore be carefully checked whether it meets the specific requirements of the company and whether a changeover at a later date is possible without any problems.

If you are still undecided and would like to try out the software first, a free version can be useful – a test run is always recommended.

The Wowflow key management app provides you with a free version to make your decision-making easier.

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Digital solutions can be used to organize key inventories, precisely manage access authorizations and increase security in your company.

Professional key management software such as Wowflow offers a range of customized features – from seamless documentation of key movements to simple output and transparent management using QR codes.

A free version can be beneficial for small budgets, but you should consider the long-term requirements of your business.

The possibility of a test run is recommended in order to convince yourself of the advantages of digital key management.

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Key management is an organizational system that ensures an overview and control of all keys and locking systems within an organization.

This includes documenting who has which key, issuing and withdrawing keys and managing access authorizations.

The aim is to minimize security risks and optimize access control.

Key management system comprises strategic processes and techniques that are necessary for efficient key management. This includes the development of guidelines for the use, issue and return of keys, the definition of responsibilities and the implementation of procedures for troubleshooting in the event of loss or damage.

Key management system also prevents duplication and enforces key issuing guidelines.

Here more about key management system learn more.