Facility management software Wowflow saves up to 30% of administrative workload for Phrixus Croatia

Facility Management Software Wowflow x Phrixus

“Wowflow is the best FM software ever!”

Ivica Grgic, Facilities Manager


Phrixus d.o.o. is a company whose main activity is the provision of services in the field of real estate management with special emphasis on facility management services, property management, as well and energy management. At the end of 2017, Phrixus became a member of the Engie group, and from 2021 it operates within the EQUANS group, the world’s leading provider of multi-technical services offices in 17 countries. EQUANS is a specialized company that creates and provides customized solutions for the improvement of facilities, technical equipment, systems and processes of its clients and supports them in optimization of their use. With almost 95,000 highly qualified experts, EQUANS has at its disposal exceptional technical knowledge and experience in design, installation, maintenance and optimization with a unique combination of skills such as HVAC, fire protection, facility management, digital systems and ICT, electrical engineering, mechanics, robotics and many more.


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Wowflow brings more orders, increasing Phrixus’ income

Before Phrixus started working with our facility management software, different solutions were used: Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, WhatsApp messages, etc. At one point, the team also tested a large, bulky and commonly known software. The result of all these solutions? They took too much time, didn’t deliver the expected results, and sometimes made the day-to-day work more difficult instead of easier.

However, due to the constant growth of the company, a reliable alternative was needed. Otherwise, it is impossible to organize and control orders throughout the country. In the past, this led to forgotten tasks and dissatisfied customers.

In addition, Phrixus – just like many other companies in the facility management industry – had to deal with the usual problems: rising prices, longer delivery times and increasing staff shortages.

Meanwhile, Phrixus is ready for the future and the challenges ahead. With the help of Wowflow. The numbers in this success story speak for themselves – be sure to read on!

“With Wowflow, all my work is on a single plate, so to speak. I always have the overview I need and don’t have to use many different tools at the same time.”

Ivica Grgic, Facilities Manager

The best part? The implementation of Wowflow is also reflected in Phrixus’ figures:

  • The use of Wowflow brings the facility management company from Croatia 20% more orders. Customers appreciate the use of reliable and intuitive software. According to Grgic, Wowflow is even part of the company’s unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Facility managers at Phrixus save 30 to 40% of their administrative workload. Because so many tasks are automated and at the same time all documents are collected in one place, the time savings are enormous.
  • As a result, facility managers can do up to 40% more administrative work. For example, one facility manager can now take care of five buildings with Wowflow. Before, it was only three.

“My favorite features of Wowflow are planed Maintenance and Issues. I also really appreciate the auto-generated reports. We used to create them manually in Word files.”

Ivica Grgic, Facilities Manager

And that brings us to the next quantitative benefit generated by Wowflow: Previously, report generation for a single asset took two to three days. Now Wowflow produces a professional PDF-report in a few seconds. Even if Grgic then wants to add more documents, the time savings are clear.

Fast implementation and intuitive usability

What Grgic describes as particularly great? The speed of implementation. In just two to three hours, a new Facility with a maintenance plan can be created in Wowflow with all the necessary details. In other – larger – solutions, it is not even possible to create an asset yourself. Developers have to do it.

In addition, the facility manager appreciates the intuitive usability of Phrixus Croatia:

“Anyone can use Wowflow. Even if the team sometimes resists new solutions – there are no excuses with Wowflow. The app is too simple.”

Ivica Grgic, Facilities Manager

When asked if Grgic would rather develop his own facility management software or use Wowflow, he says, “I would choose Wowflow. You’re in contact with all kinds of people in the industry day in and day out, so you can implement best practices. The accumulated expertise in one app is beneficial to us. We also benefit from features that other Wowflow customers have asked for.”

You want to follow Phrixus and benefit from Wowflow? Then try Wowflow for free.

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