NOI AG saving up to 50% of administrative expenses in facility management with cloud based software

“At NOI, we were looking for an easy to use CAFM software that doesn’t require extensive training and can be quickly learned by anyone on our team. Our previously used on-premise systems were both costly and overly complex to use.”

Ivan Gummerer, Facility Management

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NOI Techpark is an innovation hub in Bozen, South Tyrol, with over 1100 members including researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and students. NOI AG operates South Tyrol’s innovation district and continues to develop it. With a great deal of networking and a wide range of services, NOI promotes innovation, research and development, it supports start-ups to make South Tyrol’s businesses future-proof and competitive.


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Simplifying processes with software speeds up efficiency in facility management

Like many Wowflow customers, the facility management team at NOI AG previously relied on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and WhatsApp messages. NOI AG also used a large area management system, but found it to be both costly and overly complex to use. To improve their processes, the team sought a new facility management software that would be simple to use, easy to learn, and accessible for both internal and external users. These were the top priorities for NOI Techpark in their selection criteria:

  • Simplicity of the system
  • Fast learnability
  • Easy to use for internal and external users

“In the end, we are completely satisfied with our decision to use Wowflow. Despite initial concerns.”

Ivan Gummerer, Facility Management

Concerns? Yes. At first, we had concerns about not being able to display area maps in Wowflow. The NOI area has a large variety of buildings, where precise location information was previously of enormous importance. BUT we quickly realized that this wasn’t actually necessary. We now use numbers to identify rooms on the NOI site. This makes orientation easy alongside having all information and documents in the software.

Bottom line? Wowflow brings so many advantages that the original problem has vanished into thin air. Where complicated floor plans were used before, now an easy-to-use tool is used.

Thanks to Wowflow’s ease of use, NOI is saving up to 50% of administrative expenses!

“Using cloud based facility management software we are able to save a significant amount of time. We are seeing a 50% reduction in coordination time of our maintenance companies as well as saving at least half the time when training new employees.”

Ivan Gummerer, Facility Management

Thanks to the ease of use, Wowflow became a mandatory tool required in all contracts with other service providers, enabling internal and external colleagues working and communicating without barriers in a uniform manner.

Why did NOI AG choose a cloud based facility management software?

Especially in the maintenance and repair of buildings, cloud based (SaaS) facility management systems are not the norm yet. Mr. Gummerer, however, is completely satisfied with this solution.

He reports in the interview that NOI AG made it a requirement to use only cloud based software, instead of server-based on-premise systems.
With its constant updates and improvements based on customer feedback, Wowflow’s always ahead of the curve – making it the perfect choice.

“It’s really great to always have an up-to-date system. For us, the two biggest advantages of the software are the clarity and the simplicity!”

Ivan Gummerer, Facility Management

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