From Frustration To Fortune: Our Journey To Discovering The Game-Changing Facility Management Software

“Some of our clients were hesitant about adopting this new software. But after a quick demonstration, all doubts vanished. Nobody expected it to be that intuitive and user-friendly.”

David Smaniotto, Director ARO Konsortium Südtirol

ARO Konsortium Südtirol


ARO is a professional network hub, connecting clients with local craftsmen who specialize in various trades such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, and more. Serving as the central interface, ARO provides for all repair and maintenance needs in South Tyrol. Contractors enjoy working with a single partner, while professionals of particular trades do all work. Clients of ARO profit from high-quality and seamless work fulfillment.

Craftsmen Hub & Facility Management


How This Facility Management Software Transformed Our Workflows

When we used Excel to manage our facility management processes, our team was prone to errors and felt nervous. Some of our clients sent us data that we had to extract, convert, and reconvert to make it fit our system. Workarounds like this cost us valuable time.

Communicating on multiple channels caused us headaches

WhatsApp, email, and other communication channels wouldn’t support our growing facility management business any longer. Data and information in different formats were stuck in piles of messages that our administrative workers had to sort and process. 

Sometimes our staff was under pressure finding information about the status of work on site. It was like finding the needle in a haystack. Our administration had to find the right people to ask and the right communication channel to scan. It was time-consuming and led to unsatisfied customers that expected immediate answers. 

Ultimately, these procedures and workflows kept us away from our bigger picture and the tasks we wanted to do.

“Not for the trees (that we used for paper) but for the work, we needed more efficient workflows!”

David Smaniotto, Director ARO Konsortium Südtirol

We planned to find a CAFM software that would fix our status quo. Easier said than done! Many providers only offered a PowerPoint presentation without disclosing the actual system. Initial investments for CAFM, ranging between €50,000-€100,000 wouldn’t inspire us for a decision.  

Most of these CAFM solutions required time-consuming implementation, complex structures, and intensive training measures. So what would be the cure for our facility management needs?

It Was Until One Of Our Colleagues Suggested We Try Wowflow

Drazen’s (CEO of Wowflow) video callback made a first impression on us. He presented the software in a way we could touch it immediately. What a nice service and commitment, we thought.

Wowflow’s free trial period allowed us to implement and test the software entirely. The simplicity of this tool didn’t show any shortcomings. It has every necessary feature to support our facility management workflows. Besides: It’s almost like playing a game – that simple.

No More Working Under Constant Stress – Since We Use Wowflow, All The Nervousness Is Gone

Wowflow’s defined workflow doesn’t allow for mistakes, it is easy to follow and understand. Even artisan workers from rural areas who typically worked in an old-fashioned style quickly adapted to the software.

Our Communication Process Became Seamless

Everyone is now working with the same information in real-time. Clients can observe the progress of their projects in the app, eliminating the need for phone calls. – This improvement alone saves us hours.

Bottom line: Within 3 months after the implementation of Wowflow we could see a 50 – 70% increase in client satisfaction. Our revenue grew by approximately 20% and the capacity to handle clients doubled.

These Wowflow Features Transformed Our Business:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Mobile APP including Offline Functionality
  • Real-time Support via Email & Phone  
  • Quick Implementation by staff, craftsmen, and clients
  • Simple & Effective platform for cross-collaboration 
  • Automatic documentation
  • Professional reports (for billing) on the click of a button
  • Cloud-based facility management software
  • Regular updates
  • Ongoing improvement of features, done by Wowflow

Simplicity seems to be the magic ingredient for Successful New Facility Management Software

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