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Do you need to keep a fire safety logbook and are you looking for further information to help you with its creation, as well as a practical template that you can use as the basis for your fire safety logbook?

Then let us help you!

In this article, we also explain the advantages of a cloud-based software solution for you.

List of contents
A brief summary of the main points
  • In Austria and Germany, there are state-specific regulations regarding the keeping of fire safety records.
  • A template helps you to create your fire safety book
  • An electronic fire safety logbook offers several advantages over analog documentation.

What is a fire safety book? And why is it important?

The fire safety log is a document that must be kept by the fire safety officer, facility manager with the appropriate qualifications or the person responsible for the fire safety in terms of operator responsibility responsible person and kept on an ongoing basis.

The fire safety book is an essential part of the fire protection documentation and serves as proof of compliance with statutory documentation obligations and helps to ensure fire protection in the event of an emergency.

As an employer, you are legally obliged to take appropriate precautions to prevent the occurrence of a fire in the company and the risk to the life and health of people in the company.

In Austria and Germany, there are state-specific regulations regarding the keeping of fire safety records as well as various contact points where you can obtain more detailed information. In Austria, for example, you can find the labor inspectorate for further information. For specific operational questions, you can contact branch office responsible for your federal state.

What is documented in the fire safety book?

You should pay attention to the following information, which should be included in full in your fire safety book:

  • Data and tasks of the fire safety officer and the fire safety assistants
  • Information about your company and building plans
  • Minutes and reports of the fire safety inspections and fire protection inspections
  • Defect lists and maintenance logs of fire protection relevant systems
  • Information on fire drills and training courses carried out and planned
  • Emergency and evacuation plans in the event of an emergency
  • Documentation of past fires and their causes

5 scenarios in which a fire safety book is required

There are various scenarios in which keeping a fire safety log is required by law or strongly recommended:

  1. In larger or structurally complex buildings: These include, for example, high-rise buildings, industrial plants, places of assembly or hospitals.
  2. In fire-sensitive areas such as the chemical or timber industry, companies have a special responsibility for fire protection due to the high fire risks.
  3. In the event of increased requirements from the fire protection authority: In individual cases, the fire protection authority may order the keeping of a fire safety log if this is necessary due to the special circumstances in the property.
  4. Fire protection requirements may change if the use of a property changes, e.g. from a residential building to an office building.
  5. Some insurance companies require a fire protection book for the insurance policy.

Fire safety book template: quick and easy to create

Using a fire safety book template is a sensible way to save time and money when creating a fire safety book. You can adapt the template to the specific requirements of your property or use it as the basis for your individual fire safety book.

Download the TÜV AUSTRIA Academy's fire protection booklet with practical help for filling it out in PDF format here
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5 advantages of a digital fire safety book

A modern digital solution offers several advantages over conventional methods and typical office software that can save you a lot of time and resources.

  • Technical plant management:
    A digital image of your fire protection systems gives you a quick overview and makes it easier to plan your own inspections efficiently.
  • Checklists:
    Checklists have a decisive advantage in fire safety inspections. With Wowflow, you can convert the points to be checked into a structured checklist in no time at all, which can be processed step by step – so you never overlook important work steps again.
  • Activity history:
    An activity history provides a quick overview of all maintenance measures carried out. You can see at a glance which work was carried out when and by whom.
  • Photo documentation:
    Photo documentation plays a decisive role, especially in the preparation of reports. Photos not only serve as evidence, but also increase the comprehensibility and informative value of reports.
  • QR codes:
    By scanning QR codes attached on site or to systems, you can easily call up checklists and create location-specific messages.

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Keeping and updating a fire safety log is an organizational challenge and ties up resources. The documentation obligation can be considerably simplified and made more efficient by using suitable software such as that from Woflow.