Hammerl Immobilien: administrative documentation is 40 times faster

Wowflow Facility Management Software Erfahrungen

“Before Wowflow, we didn’t know which facility management employee had already done which task. It’s different with Wowflow – everything is precisely documented and backed up by numbers.”

Robert Hammerl jr.
CEO Hammerl Immobilien

The company has been involved in building management for more than 50 years. The focus is on apartment buildings and owner-occupied houses. The vision: Hammerl Immobilien is the interface between the property and the people who live in it.

Real estate management


The Hammerl Immobilien x Wowflow Success Story

The problem

A well-known problem in real estate management: “Paper chaos” instead of clear documentation. This is usually accompanied by a complicated filing system . Despite numerous documents, nobody knows which tasks have already been completed. Invoices, offers, etc. have to be assigned manually to the corresponding project. However, there can be some mix-ups. This process takes a lot of time and puts a strain on employees. Robert Hammerl Jr. knows the facts: Stressed employees, time inefficiency and a lack of potential for improvement. That is why he decided to implement Wowflow CMMS and ultimately also to invest in the company. He has recognized that he can and will benefit from using the software in the future.

The solution

“Since we started working with Wowflow, our workflows have been highly automated. The CMMS connects our property management with the facility management team. Communication and Documentation are combined in one tool. We can save all documents – in such a way that they can be found again later. The tasks are clear and comprehensible structured. The ticketing system creates them within seconds. The time savings are immense. Each team member also knows where work still needs to be done and what has already been done. “

“Wowflow connects our property management with facility management and ensures flawless documentation.”

Robert Hammerl jr.
CEO Hammerl Immobilien

The result

To illustrate the result achieved, we want to make a short calculation: Hammerl Immobilien has created around 3500 reports (tasks) over a period of 18 months. That is 200 reports per month which corresponds to a duration of 200 hours. Because: On average, an administrative effort of one hour must be planned for the proper processing and documentation of a report. With Wowflow this only takes about five minutes. Additional time savings through less chaos and optimized communication lead to savings of one hour per day per team member which corresponds to an average of 5 hours per week.

Another interesting example is the key management at Hammerl Immobilien. “The key issue takes around 20 minutes without Wowflow. With Wowflow: 30 seconds. Our portfolio includes around 170 properties with around 4000 keys. The administration of this number is actually a full-time job – our front desk employees are extremely stressed as a result. Wowflow enables us to relieve our colleagues. You are more relaxed and can therefore look after our customers even better. The quality of service increases.

Hammerl Immobilien: The favorite functions

  1. Uploading photos and documents – “It is incredibly easy to be able to enrich tasks with images and PDFs. It is true what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. For example, if a facility manager does not have a precise idea of ​​a property at the beginning, photos help to provide an overview. This often saves our employees time. Annoying phone calls are unnecessary.”
  2. Understandable expenditure of time – “Unfortunately we didn’t always know how much time was needed for certain tasks in the past. First of all, planning a project is difficult and secondly, we were only able to assess the efficiency of our facility management team poorly. With Wowflow we know exactly what’s going on. We know where there is potential for improvement and where we are already achieving top performance. The fact is: Wowflow enables a 40-fold acceleration of workflows in the area of ​​key management.”
  3. Documentation of tasks – “Tasks are documented from start to finish in Wowflow. This means I know what my colleagues are currently working on. And very important: I know WHO is working on what. I can add sub-tasks if necessary and know when they are done. In this way I save myself a lot of misunderstandings, unnecessary trouble and here again: time. In relation to the example from key management, this means in concrete terms: Scan the QR code of the key, note the handover, set the return date and obtain a signature. All of this happens in one program and documents the entire process.

You want to save as much time as Hammerl Immobilien? And besides: You also know the problem with the famous “paper mess”? We understand you. That is why we developed the facility management tool Wowflow. Our customer service team will show you live how the desktop and mobile application works. Book a demo here >