How Wowflow OPS Jarc helps to document the execution of the ÖNORM B1300 inspection in record time

Manuel Jarc, an experienced facility manager and founder of OPS Jarc e.U., uses Wowflow for ÖNORM B1300 inspections from inspection to reporting. This enables him to create extensive and detailed reports with more than 100 pages within one working day instead of two. These reports are particularly popular with smaller property management companies.

About OPS Jarc e.U.

OPS Jarc e.U. is a facility management consulting company that was founded in 2023 by Manuel Jarc. With over 12 years of professional experience, the entrepreneur focuses on offering his clients customized consulting services in facility management. In addition to consulting services, we also offer property security inspections in accordance with ÖNORM B1300 & B1301.

Clients benefit from Mr. Jarc’s wealth of knowledge gained from projects for the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Lex Nalis educational campus, Innerfavoriten educational campus, Forstinger and the main railway station in Vienna.
OPS Jarc e.U. stands for high-quality service and ensures that customers’ facility management requirements are optimally met.


Facility Management Consulting


Experienced facility manager ventures into self-employment

The trained foreman in automation technology and mechanical engineering discovered his passion for facility management when he was Deputy Technical Manager at ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co KG, where he was responsible for Vienna Central Station from the construction phase through to operations.

He held this position for a period of 7 years until the Forstinger company was taken over by new owners. Mr. Jarc was headhunted by Forstinger and took over the facility management for over 100 locations with a small team of two. He was also involved in the new warehouse and office project and relocated the head office from Traismauer to Tulln within a year.

During this challenging time, Manuel Jarc continued his training to become a qualified facility manager. Even before Forstinger’s insolvency in 2023, Mr. Jarc was already being supported by Caverion Österreich GmbH with new projects, and he finally joined Caverion as a project manager in facility management, where he is currently planning new PPP campuses for the City of Vienna.

One of the major projects he worked on was the construction of a new educational campus, which included the Landgutgasse and Rappachgasse sites. In addition to his employment at Caverion, Mr. Jarc, a man eager to learn and determined to achieve his goals, acquired the qualification as an object safety inspector for ÖNORM B1300 and B1301 and founded the company OPS Jarc e.U..

Because you can never get enough, I took the plunge and have been self-employed since 2023. I now carry out property security checks for property management companies and retailers.
explains Manuel Jarc, qualified facility manager, in an interview.

Wowflow specially adapted for ÖNORM B1300 & B1301 testing

The documentation of ÖNORM B1300 can vary depending on personal preferences, as there are no fixed regulations. Everyone has the freedom to design the documentation according to their own ideas.

“There is no uniform rule. Some prefer to use notes, others create checklists or enter the information directly into Excel and then create the report,” explains Manuel Jarc.

“It is important to emphasize that the documentation is not just a simple checklist that is ticked off. Instead, a comprehensive report on the building is prepared. This report not only serves to prove that the object safety inspection has been carried out, but also to support the operator in his responsibility.

The documentation provides the operator with a certain amount of relief, as the inspection gives them additional security for their building,” continues Manuel Jarc.

Manuel Jarc knows Wowflow from his time as Head of Facility Management at Forstinger, where the software was considered an important support. It helped to reduce the workload on the small FM team and simplify the documentation.

Today, he uses Wowflow to carry out ÖNORM B1300 inspections efficiently for himself and the customer, from the inspection to the report generation.

Of course, Excel was not enough for me. I really wanted to map this cleanly because I was already working with Wowflow
Manuel Jarc, qualified facility manager and founder of OPS Jarc e.U.

Originally, Wowflow’s checklists were not developed specifically for inspection in accordance with ÖNORM B1300 & B1301. But together with Wowflow, Manuel Jarc found a way to make the inspection process more efficient for both the inspector and the customer. Mr. Jarc is now twice as fast when creating reports, as he can export his comments with photo documentation quickly and easily from Wowflow.

We have been working on it step by step and yesterday I completed the first report where I added the export to my report and it worked perfectly.
Manuel Jarc, qualified facility manager and founder of OPS Jarc e.U.

How Wowflow works with the ÖNORM B1300 test

Manuel Jarc kindly gives us a 16-minute insight into his workflow with Wowflow. He provides fascinating insights into his workflow as a certified property security auditor, from preparation to the finished report.

YouTube video
It's my tool for everything. I set up everything before the inspection and on the day of the inspection I turn on the tablet and the program works for me.
Manuel Jarc, qualified facility manager and certified property security auditor

Wowflow helps to create detailed 130-page ÖNORM B1300 inspection reports twice as fast

Photo documentation makes it much easier for those responsible to rectify defects. For smaller property management companies in particular, digital reporting is proving to be more convenient than the conventional paper form.

During the inspection, Manuel Jarc can assign each defect individually as a task for the customer and thus provide a transparent overview of what needs to be rectified and when.

The best thing about this way of working is that Manuel Jarc now only needs one working day instead of two to complete a 130-page report.

I use Wowflow to complete the entire report, usually in one day. I am sure that I would need at least one extra day manually.
Manuel Jarc, qualified facility manager and certified property security auditor

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