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Team management

Team management software helps connect all the important processes related to assigning work to employees. In facility management, this includes efficiently managing schedules, tracking hours, effective team communication, and generating detailed work reports.

Make work easier

Speak your team's language

Inefficient team management ? Simplify the process by sharing all necessary information with our intuitive app. With Wowflow, instructions are automatically translated into 10 different languages. All crucial data is promptly uploaded to the appropriate location.

Quality first

Make sure the work gets done

Keeping the work up to standard can be challenging. With Wowflow, easily assign who is responsible for each task and when. The GPS functionality ensures employees are where they need to be to handle their duties. Reliable documentation is also included.

Employee management

Improve your staff planning

Losing track of tasks? With Wowflow’s handy calendar view, stay on top of who’s working on what at a glance. Edit time schedule with just a few clicks. Effortlessly automate time tracking for your whole team.

Generate information

Manage all your records automatically

Tired of sharing photos via WhatsApp? With Wowflow, no more searching through endless chat threads. Your team can upload all the information directly within each task. Wowflow also allows customers to sign PDF-reports digitally. All documents are automatically synced with your ERP system.

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