Wowflow makes technical asset management more intuitive than ever

Anlagenmanagement - neues Feature bei Wowflow Facility Management Software

Forstinger Austria and the Salinen Immobilien GmbH give their first feedback on the new Wowflow function.

Close collaboration with customers and constant feedback are cornerstones of Wowflow’s success. This is the only way to ensure that our PropTech delivers what the industry needs. The latest example of this: A constant exchange with Forstinger Austria, Salinen Immobilien GmbH and numerous other customers during the development of the new facility management function.

“The new feature was implemented exactly as I need it.”

Manuel Jarc
Head of Facility Management Forstinger Österreich GmbH, In the Introduction Meeting

What can the new plant-management function do?

In maintenance management, the maintenance reference point is relevant, i.e. what is being maintained? This “what” is not only rooms, but also technical systems such as HVAC systems, fire protection devices and many other systems that have to be looked after and maintained.

A property manager has the task of taking care of the life cycle of the entire building or object. This includes keeping track of all the technical equipment on the property, knowing the value of the equipment and the estimated lifespan. All activities carried out on the system must be traceable. Above all, it is important to check when and whether a system has been repaired too often, causing unnecessary costs.

The Wowflow asset management function maps the following data:

  • Master data of the system (e.g. documentation, value, service life, legal requirements)
  • Overview of the maintenance created
  • Status of all maintenance tasks
  • History all reported faults and repairs

This intuitive and visual display results in many important advantages for the operational team: From now on, the employees and maintenance companies have all the master data of the systems on their cell phones or tablets. Each system gets a QR code.

By scanning the QR code

  • Technicians have instant access to all (technical) master data of the system. The “out of date” folders on site are history.
  • Technicians can see their maintenance and repair tasks at a glance.
  • Technicians can easily report faults.

The operational management team maintains an absolute overview:

  • about the open and completed maintenance tasks.
  • about any messages and faults.

And very important: You will be notified automatically when the number of messages or open maintenance tasks in the system has reached a specified number.

Of course, regular maintenance tasks can still be created to check the condition of the system before the warranty expires. In this way, the Wowflow software relieves employees and managers on site.

“The core task of Wowflow is to present the high density of information intuitively and clearly for the user”

Drazen Ivanis
CEO and Founder Wowflow

The calendar function enables exactly that: to provide an overview of the maintenance of the systems at a glance and to see the progress of the planned maintenance.

Neues Feature Anlagenmanagement Wowflow Facility Services Software

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