New wowflow function: “Recurring maintenance”

New Wowflow functionality: reccurring maintenance

The long-awaited new feature is available to our customers for free until the end of June for testing

Our development team has worked on and tested for a long time. Now the time has finally come: The “Maintenance” function has been available to our customers since this month. What does it do? This new feature mainly pays into the area of​ preventive facility management. By specifying regularly occurring maintenance work, costs for acute repairs can be kept as low as possible. In addition, the new function represents an enormous work relief for the men and women in project management: Maintenance does not have to be entered manually as a message in Wowflow at the desired interval. The interval can be specified directly for the respective task , whereby it appears again and again for the responsible person.

Basically, the handling of the “maintenance” is very similar to the normal messages that were present in our CMMS from the start. First a new maintenance is added, titled and described – everything as usual. Where it becomes new or interesting is in the section “Schedule” . Several points can be set here. Among them the repetition interval, the estimated duration and the automatic generation of the next message . The use of QR codes serves to make work even easier.

As the programming of the new feature is very complex, it will be available to our customers free of charge until June 30th. After that, a license extension will be required. The Wowflow team will be happy to advise you on this. If you have any feedback or questions for us in the meantime, please contact us at any time – we look forward to it!