New Wowflow function: key & equipment management

Key management and equipment management with Wowflow facility management software

The standalone feature “Equipment” is now part of our maintenance software

Originally only planned as a key management function, we decided to design the new feature for equipment in a broader sense. Thus, for example, tools or EDP devices can also be managed. You can answer the following three important questions at any time with the new function:

  • Where is my equipment currently?
  • Who has it?
  • How long does it stay with the person?

You can then:

  • Reclaim your equipment and
  • generate evaluations and reports.

You will never have to look for a wrench or tool again because all this information is readily available to you.

The feature is divided into Type and Groups. The type defines the type of equipment (e.g. key, EDP device, etc.). Here you can see the standardized storage location as well as the work area to which the equipment is assigned and the standard return period. A group forms a keychain in key management, a workstation in IT equipment and a functional or local group in tools. In addition, the filter allows you to see at a glance which keys have just been issued and which are in the cupboard in both areas.

QR codes for efficient key management

Since the Wowflow QR codes are very much appreciated by our customers, we have also used this feature in key management. In this case, the codes were created in the form of a key fob (in various formats). They can be printed out and attached to the respective key.

When scanning the code, there is the option of taking, issuing or details about the key. The key can be returned in the same way. The key management takes two (for internal) to a maximum of 30 seconds (for external) instead of the usual ten to 15 minutes (read our Keymanagement Blogpost). Excel tables are superfluous. No key issue can be swept under the table.

Easier handing out of keys to external parties

The allocation of keys to external persons is also extremely easy and takes place 50 times as fast. After the recipient’s email address has been entered, the return date can be set. A digital signature and a photo of an ID can be requested directly. A protocol is generated for every key handover, which is automatically sent by e-mail. If the key is not returned in time, the respective person will receive a reminder email. This contains a link with which the manager can be asked for an extension. No key can be lost anymore. You always know who he is with.

The feature is available to our customers with immediate effect. Either use it as an additional function to your regular Wowflow license or use it as a standalone feature. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team: