QR code login is part of the service portfolio of Wowflow

QR-Code-Login für Arbeitszeiterfassung - Wowflow Software für Gebäudereiniger und Hausverwalter

Your employees can log in and out of an object in seconds using a QR code

The constant and direct exchange with customers is what makes Wowflow grow in the right direction. Our greatest concern is to deliver what is needed – this time,we succeeded with the QR code login functionality.

This is how the QR code login and logout works

In the first step, you open a work area or a property – just as usual. What’s now: There is now an option called Registration via QR code required, which can be selected if desired.

In addition, important information about the property can be stored directly in the overview of the work area, for example images of the property, safety data sheets and important work instructions. All documents are therefore up-to-date and on site where they are needed (this could be important in terms of liability).

The QR code is placed at the desired location in the property and can be scanned there. After scanning, the employee is directly logged into the workspace. They receive all work instructions and information relevant to them for this object. While managers can see all reports related to the property, employees can only see those that are relevant to them.

After completing the task, the QR code is scanned a second time. Now you have two options: I’m still here or Sign out. If the function is switched off, it is only recorded that the person has entered the property.

In the QR code time log of the respective work area, you can see exactly who logged in and out and when. Of course, this log can also be exported – based on employees or properties. This way, you can easily provide customers with a digital cleaning protocol.

This is the concrete benefit that you get from the new function

  1. Logging in and out of a workspace or property only takes a few seconds. This QR code can also be connected to GPS location verification if needed.
  2. With the same QR code, your customers can also send you a request or an inquiry without an app. Read here how our customer, MTR Cleaning GmbH, also uses Wowflow QR codes in the Euro Plaza office building for marketing and cross-selling purposes.
  3. The new functionality also centralizes all important, security and property-related data. Instead of having to have folders, folders and papers in the warehouse or on site, which are often outdated, you can manage and update them easily, quickly and centrally. In this way, you ensure that your customers’ contact persons, work instructions and property information are always up to date.
  4. Employee safety should be the top priority for employers. It is therefore necessary to inform all persons who work in a property about the conditions there. This Wowflow extension allows anyone to quickly and easily scroll through photos and documents before starting work. This ensures that your employees always have all information (e.g. safety data sheets, any necessary occupational safety measures, other hazard warnings, etc.) verifiably available on site. You therefore comply with your legal obligation to inform and clarify and document this.

Watch our founder Drazen Ivanis explain the new QR code function here: