Wowflow Updates in August 2022

Wowflow Updates August

We will never stop improving our management and collaboration software for facility management teams. Here is what we have done in August.

Die älteste Komponente, die unsere Arbeitsmanagement- und Kollaborationssoftware zu bieten hat, sind The oldest component that our facility management software has to offer are Issues. To ensure that it is (at least) on the same level as the rest of the features, our developer and product management team worked on every little detail that could be improved.

The latest update to our core feature simplifies day to day tasks while providing much more flexibility and improved overall user experience for our customers.

Bojan Protic, Wowflow Web Developer

What does that mean?

  1. Multiple-selection features

Wowflow users are already familiar with this if they use the Equipment and/or Asset features: It is now also possible to select multiple Issues. This new function is especially interesting for managers, because from now on PDF reports can be created for multiple Issues at the same time. In addition, all selected messages can be copied, archived, deleted or closed simultaneously. This definitely saves time. 

  1. New list view

As of August, the list view is available in addition to the detail view and the compact view. All important information can still be seen, but in a more compressed way. This is especially helpful if you have to deal with a lot of Issues every day and want to work on several at once.

Wowflow Updates August - Listenansicht
  1. Improved user interface

The user interface of Issues in Wowflow has become even clearer. For example, in the top right corner there is now a plus-button that allows you to quickly and easily add media, equipment, assets, asset groups or sub-tasks. In addition, the filters have been renewed. Another big advantage for users: If an asset has been assigned to an Issue, it is now placed much more prominently, which provides a better overview. The same applies to sub-tasks.

  1. Call to action-buttons now also in the web interface

Until now, when you were assigned an Issue and then opened it in the desktop version of Wowflow, it wasn’t obvious at first glance where you could accept the task. From now on there are call to action-buttons at the top: “Accept”, “Decline”, “Start”‘, “Finish” and “Review”. Also new in the web interface: If you reject a task, you can assign it directly to someone else.

Wowflow Updates August - Aktionsbuttons
  1. Adding images to comments

Until now it was possible to add comments to individual Issues, but only in text form. Now images can be uploaded in this section as well – not only in the Issue description.

Wowflow Updates August - Bilder in Kommentaren

Of course, we will continue to work on our features. The Issue component provides the basis for many updates in the future.

If you have any questions about the current updates or feedback, please feel free to contact us.