Wowflow Maintenance: New updates to our software in May 2022

Neues Wowlfow-Update

There are two new updates to the recurring maintenance-feature this month.

The first update we are making available to our customers is the ability to pause recurring maintenance tasks (you can learn more about the basics of the feature here). Our customer Real Facility drew our attention to the fact that the topic of green space maintenance is not up-to-date all year round. Nevertheless, regular maintenance tasks must be created for it in spring, summer and autumn. For this reason, we created the option not only to pause maintenance manually, but also to automatically pause certain maintenance tasks during specific seasons (for example only winter).

With a simple click on the Seasonal Pause button, you can set when and how long the specific maintenance should be paused. If you then click on this maintenance, you will see directly at the top that it is in the pause phase and when it ends.

The second innovation concerns multiple maintenance or cleaning tasks per day. If, for example, toilets or staircases have to be cleaned several times a day – but not necessarily at the same interval of a few hours – multiple maintenance can now be specified per day. For example, a daily cleaning at 8 a.m. and another at 1:30 p.m. just after noon. This setting can also be made with just a few clicks and in no time at all.

If you have any questions about our updates, please contact our team at any time.