Wowflow is now offering services on the real estate digitization platform ivalu

Wowflow on ivalu

ivalu identifies the best digital solutions in the real estate sector and brings them to the target group. Wowflow is one of them.

The goal of ivalu? Help real estate companies on their way into the digital age. Because – as we know ourselves – the real estate industry is sometimes a bit behind when it comes to digitization potential. From the purchase of land to the sale of the apartment, the platform offers a network of various PpropTechs that make everyday work easier. Using the so-called DigiCheck, the status quo in real estate companies and suitable optimization suggestions are determined.

Wowflow primarily offers the following services via ivalu:

  • the key management
  • task management via ticketing and
  • the automation of regular maintenance tasks.

Have a look at ivalu and get an idea of ​​the network.