Wowflow is co-founder of the non-profit initiative “AustrianTech4Ukraine”

Wowflow ist Mitbegründer von "AustrianTech4Ukraine"

In times like these, our motto is: We help where we can!

AustrianTech4Ukraine is an initiative of members of the Austrian startup and tech ecosystem working together to bring much-needed food and humanitarian supplies to people in and from Ukraine. For this purpose, Austrian Startups, Female Founders, Wowflow, Brutkasten, CONDA, 3VC, Gersta, Vivatis Group and Fox & Eagle have joined forces. We work in cooperation with Malteser Austria to collect donations, with Lowgin Logistics to transport the goods across Europe, as well as with the Ukrainian startup ecosystem, the Red Cross in Kharkiv and the non-profit organization Prodobro to ensure the arrival of deliveries.

We have already reached many food suppliers and received an incredible amount of support. Now we want to reach out to the tech and startup community and raise even more money with this crowdfunding campaign. We will use the donations to buy food and other urgently needed humanitarian aid.

We are grateful for every donation, even the smallest contribution! Help us to help!

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