Wowflow founder Drazen Ivanis trains the ESSECCA sales team on the joint key management solution

Wowflow key management with ESSECCA

Wowflow can now be offered throughout Austria as a joint solution with ESSECCA

It’s no longer a secret: Wowflow and ESSECCA are working together. We have created a holistic, practice-oriented solution for key management. (Read more about this here) Large companies such as BUWOG are already enthusiastic users of the system.

“The training of the ESSECCA sales staff was strategically very important for us. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of the sales team. ESSECCA can demonstrate and deliver more customer value with Wowflow, which means a clear win (customer) – win (sales) – win (we) situation.” – Dipl. Ing. Drazen Ivanis, Wowflow Founder & CEO

The response is truly positive: The ESSECCA sales team sees Wowflow as an enrichment of the portfolio. Why? Because Wowflow helps ESSECCA to complement its own solutions and to offer a holistic concept for digital key management.

The big advantage illustrated: External cleaning staff or an external maintenance company come to the building twice a month to perform the service. In the past, the person would have had to be granted access authorization each time (reserve the key – go there personally and pick it up – bring it back when done). With Wowflow, however, this can be combined with regular maintenance and repairs. The access authorization is automatically passed on to SALTO and released by SALTO. Key loss is history.

The set recurring maintenance takes over the access authorization. The building manager never has to issue manual access authorizations again. This is how automation works.Contact us for more information on automated key management.