Wowflow founder Drazen Ivanis as guest on the FSM Immo podcast

Wowflow-Gründer Drazen Ivanis zu Gast im FSM Immo-Podcast

Our CEO in conversation with Benedikt Stockert and Alexander Hock

When our CEO and founder Drazen Ivanis was invited to the FSM Immo-Podcast Studio for an interview a few weeks ago, we were very happy. The team of FSM lawyers, who specialize in real estate, public procurement and corporate law, has managed to interview many interesting guests from the industry within just one year. High-quality content and exciting topics are on the agenda.

In today’s episode, our founder reports on the development of his start-up, the benefits of an intuitive facility management software and his future plans. He also explains why Wowflow is exactly the sweet spot between a large CAFM tool and WhatsApp and spreadsheets. It’s worth listening to – we promise!

You can find the episode on Apple Podcasts here: