Webinar: Digital Key Management with ESSECCA

Webinar Wowflow ESSECCA Schlüsselmanagement

Register for the continuation of our first webinar on the subject of “key management” with the system integrator for security technology ESSECCA

Following the motto “Digital Key Management – The 1st step into a keyless future”, the online panel discussion will take place on July 18 at 4 p.m., which will be the continuation of our “Key Management” webinar in April 2021. The conclusion of the discussion: A holistic concept is needed.

Based on this knowledge, we set to work together with ESSECCA. Problems, needs and facts were collected with the help of workshops with big names in the Austrian real estate and property management industry. Business Development Manager and General Manager at ESSECCA Michael Reiner says: “Our process analysis showed that the key management of large real estate companies often costs several hundred thousand euros per year in staff expenses. Staff that could contribute far more to value creation in other areas.”

The result: a practical solution

Four software solutions are the result of ESSECCA’s collaboration with Wowflow: SALTO Space, SALTO JustIn Mobile, Deister Key Management and Wowflow Facility Management – all connected in one app interface.

The keys are issued and returned completely digitally, and all processes can be handled via the Wowflow web and smartphone app. Thanks to SALTO Systems and the mapping of all mechanical keys in the SALTO administration software, electronic access points can also be integrated into the system. By integrating SALTO JustIn Mobile into the Wowflow software, the smartphone can also be used as an electronic access medium.

Deister key cabinets are used to store mechanical keys. These are operated via electronic terminals and control opening with the smartphone app. The software integration makes it possible for both the access management and the process of key management to be controlled in a user-friendly way via a single app – the Wowflow frontend.

In practice this means: A broker can reserve a key via our app. He is informed in which key cabinet he can pick it up and receives temporary electronic access authorization for the corresponding building. It couldn’t be any easier.

The webinar on July 18th

This type of key management is now used by well-known companies such as BUWOG. It is all the more obvious that a representative of BUWOG should take part in the panel discussion on 18.7. at 4 p.m. as well as:

  • Helmut BAYERL, MBA | BUWOG Group | Head of Commercial Real Estate Management
  • Mag. Daniela FRUEHWALD, MSc | EHL Immobilien GmbH | Administration WEG | Deputy Head of Division
  • Rudolph HERMANN | Attensam West Home Care GmbH | Operational Managing Director
  • Bernhard HÖFER| NV Real Estate | Managing Director
  • Michael REINER | ESSECCA Ltd. | Head of Business Development, authorized signatory
  • Mag. Udo WEINBERGER, MSc | Udo Weinberger Real Estate Management | Managing director & board member ÖVI
  • And of course our founder and CEO DI Drazen IVANIS

Join us as we announce if the future of real estate is truly keyless.

Register here: https://essecca-webinar-dsm-202206.eventbrite.at/?aff=wowflow

You can get more information about the webinar here: https://bit.ly/3N9BY1N