Which updates does Wowflow offer in June?

Wowflow updates in June

We have been working hard on our cleaning and facility services software again. These are the results.

Wowflow innovation #1: Login without internet

Very simple, but with great effect: You can now log in and out using a QR code, even WITHOUT THE INTERNET. Which of course is a great advantage if the internet connection is not what it should be. All the entered data will be cached and uploaded to the app as soon as you have internet access again.

wowflow – Workspaces (adobe.com)

Wowflow Innovation #2: External Holder

Under the Equipment function, there is now an External holder menu item. What does that mean? People with whom you work repeatedly or who need a key again and again can be created as external holders. In practice, these are often service providers or tenants. With a simple click on the “+” an external user can be created. If you then want to issue a key, you do not have to specify the external person’s name and e-mail address separately each time. No, you can simply click and select the previously created person. In this way, assigning keys to an external person is much quicker. Also worth mentioning: The external holder can be specified both in the process of issuing and – as mentioned above – under the extra menu item External holder. The new feature enables easy management of keys issued to users who are not Wowflow users.

This expansion of our software was carried out at the request of our existing customer Otto Immobilien. Hammerl Immobilien is already using the update for itself and is enthusiastic.

wowflow – Equipment (adobe.com)

Wowflow update #3: Settings

The second monthly update affects the software settings of Wowflow: Administrators can now upload their logos themselves, set the desired language, adjust user and workspace settings and change issue settings. So far, these basic settings were made by Wowflow itself. Now users are more flexible.

wowflow – Users & Settings (adobe.com)