This is how efficient technical organization works | Wowflow & Forstinger at the 2021 trade colloquium

Together with Manuel Jarc, Head of Facility Management at Forstinger Austria , Wowflow-CEO Drazen Ivanis was among the speakers of the 2021 Trade Colloquium. The event is Austria’s most traditional retail congress. This year it was carried out for the 31st time by the trade association, the spokesman and partner for Austrian trade. In addition to the Federal President, the Minister of Labor and many leading personalities in the industry, Jarc and Ivanis were able to present Wowflow. The core of the presentation: The implementation of an efficient technical organization. The result for Forstinger: The 10-fold increase in efficiency in the processing of daily maintenance and servicing activities.

Humans are creatures of habit. Before we resort to new tools and devices, we try to use the tried and tested. Jarc and Ivanis know this phenomenon all too well. Years of work as a facility manager or technical manager have shown: The implementation of new programs often meets with rejection at first. Instead, WhatsApp groups are set up to communicate with colleagues from the cleaning department. Private Facebook groups allow the facility management team to exchange ideas. However, it is precisely this type of communication that harbors many a problem, especially for management:

„If I can’t measure anything, then I can’t manage anything.“

Drazen Ivanis

There are different solutions to simplify the technical organization – they existed even before Wowflow. BUT: They are mostly expensive programs that take up a lot of time and are difficult to implement. Jarc has also had one or the other experience with this: “These tools often do not deal with the structure of the company. I was part of the core team for the SAP implementation at Bahnhofcity Wien. The training by the SAP employees took one year. Then we trained our colleagues ourselves. Many large corporations have already failed because of the implementation of large software. ”The cost factor is also essential, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

„Often it feels like trying to mow the lawn with a tank. The tool is too powerful for the task – it does more harm than good.“

Drazen Ivanis

And that’s the point. This is exactly where Wowflow comes in. He follows the bottom-up approach of an efficient technical organization:

  1. The intuitive usability of the maintenance tool has top priority.
  2. Communication and coordination have to be child’s play (availability of several languages).
  3. A modular and clear structure is a must.
  4. Those workflows that can be automated must be automated. That saves time (and nerves).
  5. The generation of reports, documentation and valid data in real time is extremely important.

In relation to the example from Forstinger this means

  • 88 branches were created clearly in work areas
  • Employees and external partners each have access to the relevant areas , where they can communicate and store or generate data
  • tasks are no longer overlooked
  • entire projects can be processed via Wowflow – from the request for a quotation to completion (including filing of all important documents)

The Forstinger team was able to increase productivity in facility management by a factor of two . Due to the intuitive usability, Jarc even carried out the training itself. This process took only two months for 120 employees.

„With the implementation of Wowflow, our most remote branch manager in Vorarlberg now feels more integrated into the team again.“

Manuel Jarc

What is Wowflow working towards?

  1. To a 30% cost reduction through the automation of predictive maintenance measures. Because: It has been statistically proven that it saves money by checking certain things regularly – before they break.
    For example, there are several studies by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program. These state that functioning predictive maintenance generates 30 to 40% savings compared to reactive maintenance. 8 to 12% are compared to preventive measures.
    A Deloitte analysis also shows: Only acting reactively means that the equipment is 50% less able to achieve its original performance in the course of its service life (<50% OEE = original equipment effectiveness). If, however, the equipment is handled with foresight, it can provide more than 90% (> OEE) for a long time.
  2. Front-line employees are even more involved and motivated. They are the driving force behind the company and provide valuable insights into the needs of their everyday work.
  3. Last but not least, 10 to 20% of the operating costs be optimized through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and analyzes. This makes it possible to increase the return on investment (ROI) from 300 to 700%. Here, too, a study by the U.S. Department of Energy: The implementation of a PDM system (product data management system) has a number of advantages. A tenfold increase in ROI , 70 to 75% fewer defects and a 35 to 45% reduction in downtime are possible.

Predictive Maintenance Explained (
Industry 4.0 and predictive technologies for asset maintenance | Deloitte Insights

The digital world is evolving quickly. And we with her. Wowflow attaches great importance to working with customers to meet their needs. The expansion of automation to increase cost efficiency has top priority. Tired of the inefficiency of your maintenance, cleaning or service team? We understand you. Our team is happy to be there for you. It advises you how YOU can best use Wowflow for YOURSELF.