The Wowflow team is growing: With a lot of woman power, our facility management software is progressing

Frauen im Wowflow-Team

From one to five female colleagues in a few months – on today’s International Women’s Day, we are particularly proud of the growing proportion of women in our start-up

We discussed the topic of women in the facility management and services industry some time ago during our panel discussion “Where are the women in FM?”. During this conversation it became clear that not only the male colleagues in this industry do good work and are valued. Especially with regard to organizational talent and communication skills, the ladies prove again and again that they have earned their place in facility management.

As far as our own “Team Wowflow” is concerned, this realization is reflected here: Within a few months, the team has grown from one woman to five. And we are proud of it! Diversity matters. Each individual brings different qualities and perspectives into day-to-day work. This way we can guarantee optimal customer care, improve our product and sales every day and get our communication to the point.

“From the beginning, Wowflow has been a multicultural team with employees from countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, Serbia and Austria. As a product and sales-driven start-up, there were mainly men for positions in product development and sales. Increasing the proportion of women was not easy for us, but it was strategically very important. Every day we have to make sure that our work and our product brings a significant benefit to our customers. This is only possible with a diverse and intercultural team that reflects the lateral and free thinking in our culture.”

Drazen Ivanis
CEO and founder of Wowflow

Today we want to say a very special thank you for your work to our Wowflow ladies:

Anela Velagić-Bašić, Sales Development Representative

Mihajela Vislavski, Customer Success Managerin

Viktoria Steinhauser, Product Managerin

Isabel Anger, Head of Marketing

Tanja Schwärzler, Content Specialist & PR