Team Wowflow comes together: This was our team event in Vienna

Wowflow Team

As is the case when you work on something TOGETHER, it also requires work on the team itself. Especially when the members are scattered all over Europe and mostly work from the home office. It was time to bring the whole team together again. This time at the Wowflow headquarters in Vienna.

From June 16th to 19th there were all kinds of activities – both professional and entertaining. Among other things, we attended the summer night concert of the Vienna Philharmonic in Schönbrunn and had a good time on the Danube. Typically Viennese!

On the other hand, it was also about working out in the team what is going well at Wowflow and where there is potential for improvement. We took our time on Friday under the motto “Let’s fly high together”. Professional Denise Mach supported us. First of all, it was about getting feedback from each and every individual. Then values ​​and vision were discussed, Wowflow examined as a team and finally it was about long-term goals and milestones that should be achieved.

The bottom line: We have quite a lot of talent on board that we want to thank and with whom we will definitely fly high!