Start your own business with a building cleaning company | Drazen Ivanis in an interview with Stephan Eigner

In an interview with our CEO Drazen Ivanis, Stephan Eigner reveals how he went into business for himself with his building cleaning business. From real estate agent to owner of a cleaning company – Mr. Eigner tells how it came about and how Wowflow supports him every day.

“The transparency of the work towards the customer is extremely important nowadays. In this area in particular, Wowflow helps me with the numerous automated documentation options that I can send to the client. “

Eigner has been running his company successfully for over 10 years and has never regretted his decision. While the cleaning industry can be tough, he also sees many positive sides. This includes, for example, the fact that at the end of the work there is always a visible result. Last but not least, the owner of Eigner Gebäude Service reveals what he attaches great importance to when selecting his employees.

Many thanks to Stephan Eigner for the interview.