Have your property management and maintenance under control

Is communication with different service providers exhausting? Information gets lost over and over again? You do not know the current status of your reports, but would you be happy to give your customers feedback as soon as possible?

Wowflow ends the chaos, brings order and accelerates your workflow.

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These companies save up to 40% administrative effort per person per week. Thanks to Wowflow.

Do you want to achieve more with less effort?

We understand you. You have had enough of time-consuming administration and want to devote more time to your core business. At best, coordination with the team is done on the side.

Wowflow relieves you of what burdens you: communication, coordination & resource management.

40% less

administrative work

10 times

faster order processing

5 hours

until fully implemented

Weg von Messenger-Diensten - hin zu Facility Management Software Wowflow

Confusing communication with messenger services

Messages are overlooked or ignored

No real-time overview, no automatically generated documentation or reports

Result: unstructured and unproductive way of working

Unstructured key and asset management

No or incorrect information about the current location of keys / equipment

Management of a key can easily take up to 20 minutes

Everything has to be logged manually (via Excel or on slips of paper)

Schlüsselmanagement - Facility Management Software Wowflow CAFM
Schluss mit Stress durch ineffiziente Arbeit - Wowflow CAFM

Do you want to keep working like this?

Up to 3 hours of administrative effort per team member due to inefficient communication

Forgotten bills and unfinished business tasks cast a bad light on your property management

A lack of documentation and reporting delay your work

Communication, documentation, and asset and key management - all in one property management software. Everything with Wowflow.

As industry professionals with years of experience, we know what is important. Wowflow offers you all the functions you need for successful technical management. Key management, notifications and regular maintenance are only a small part of it.

Implement Wowflow in a few days and get started IMMEDIATELY.

Wowflow Facility Management Software - die Software für technische Wartung und Instandhaltung, Aufgabenverwaltung, Workflow

Key and asset management in a few seconds

Key management is one of THE central topics in real estate management. With Wowflow, issuing and withdrawing a key only takes a few seconds instead of 20 minutes. You will never have to worry about a lost key again.

You can find additional information about this feature here.

Wowflow Facility Management Software - die Software für technische Wartung und Instandhaltung, Aufgabenverwaltung, Workflow

Daily management of your cleaning team & generation of additional orders

Lost chat history? Daily phone calls? Countless emails? Data protection and data safety? Wowflow changes that. In our software you not only manage your keys and manage your resources. No: You also use the tool to communicate with internal and external staff and your customers - if you wish. All in one place.

Wowflow Facility Management Software - die Software für technische Wartung und Instandhaltung, Aufgabenverwaltung, Workflow
Wowflow Facility Management Software - für automatisierte Berichterstellung

Documentation. Automated reporting and filing. Facilitated evidence.

Wowflow automatically generates reports for you, your property management team and your customers. Every order is documented in the app - this is how we enable you to track all activities. Never lose track of things again. Have evidence on hand at all times.

This is why these property management companies are already convinced of Wowflow

Be it the practical experience of the Wowflow team or the particularly intuitive usability or the clear documentation option in the app - our customers from the real estate industry have all of their individual reasons to use and appreciate Wowflow. Read for yourself.

These companies have already replaced the paperwork with efficient software for technical administration. What are you waiting for?

Confusing reporting, forgotten tasks and a lack of communication? You should change that.

Discover the potential of your property management company during a free, non-binding and interactive demo

Implement Wowflow and get your team on board in a few hours

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