New Sales Development Representative at Facility Management Software Wowflow: Anela Velagić-Bašić

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anela grew up in Germany. Although she studied political science, after her studies she started as a sales development representative because of her language skills. While working on various projects, she was in contact with people from over 20 different countries – from Australia to Singapore to the USA.

We interviewed Anela and asked her why she now decided to work for Wowflow:

“I have worked in software sales many times in the past. Unfortunately, these were often programs that I would never have bought myself. They were way too complicated. However, after I got a Wowflow demo and got to grips with the software, I was thrilled! What I find so great is that the facility management software is very easy to use.

To be honest, I don’t find it ideal if you live in a country and don’t speak the language there. However, I also understand that it is not easy to learn a new language. So it’s great that Wowflow can be used in different languages.”

What makes Wowflow different from the other SaaS solutions you’ve worked for?

“Clearly the user-friendliness and the availability of five different languages. The ready-made text modules make work easier for the user and thus also offer an advantage to the employer.”

What do you like best about Wowflow?

“I can only repeat myself: The user-friendliness and the intuitive usability.”

Is there anything you see room for improvement?

“Actually, there isn’t really anything, because all the features that are ‘missing’ will be implemented sooner or later. The Wowflow team really listens to the customers and their needs. That’s great!”

Would you like to contact Anela and find out more about Wowflow? Please do!