Wowflow Updates in December 2022

Updates in Wowflow December 2022

Our facility management and services software is 100% focused on the needs of our customers. That’s why we’ve optimized it for you again this month.

Update #1 Personalization of public forms

From now on, companies using Wowflow can personalize public forms. What does that mean? When a person scans a QR code – not with the Wowflow app, but simply via their phone camera – a form appears. This can now be designed to match the company’s identity AND the information asked for is based on the customers needs. You can customize the following items:

  • Upload your company’s logo.
  • Write an appropriate headline and a short description.
  • Define whether your company information should be displayed.
  • Define those fields that should be displayed. And whether they are mandatory to fill in.
  • Make color adjustments to the button at the end of the form.
  • Specify a website to be redirected to after submitting the form.

At the moment, the form can be personalized for the Equipment section. Very soon, the same will apply to Issues and Workspaces.

“The QR codes with their public forms facilitate the work of our customers on a daily basis – be it when a key is found by a stranger or damage is reported in a property. By customizing the forms, we can help our customers in the future to tailor processes even more precisely to them and to make processes even easier.” – Viktoria Steinhauser, Product Manager

Update #2 E-mail-status tracking when collaborating with external persons

More and more customers of our facility management software collaborate with external persons or service providers via Wowflow. In order to ensure that the Wowflow e-mail actually arrives in the external person’s inbox, we have developed a solution. By means of different colored letter symbols the status of the e-mail can be monitored:

  • Yellow envelope: The email is on its way, but has not yet reached the recipient.
  • Green envelope: The e-mail has arrived in the external person’s mailbox. The e-mail address is therefore valid.
  • Red envelope: The e-mail cannot be delivered. The address may be invalid, may have been misspelled, or the recipient server may be blocking the mail.

Again, this update has already been implemented for the Equipment section. Issues will follow soon.

Update #3 Wowflow calendar

The calendar-feature is here and ready for testing!

The calendar function is a well thought-out update that gives you an even better real-time overview. Especially for managers and administrators, the calendar makes life easier. How does it work?

In the future, the calendar can be displayed according to the daily view (this is currently already available) and the weekly view. You can also select the user view or the workspace view. Depending on this, you can filter by individual workspaces or users.

Issues are displayed in different colors depending on their status. We thus provide a clear overview of the tasks. 

A particularly helpful function for administrators: You can also view those issues that have not been assigned a date or are already overdue. Simply drag and drop them into the calendar and specify when they should be done.

And that’s not all: if users are logged in to a workspace, you can see it in real time in the calendar view! The big advantage of this? Managers not only see upcoming tasks, but also whether the corresponding employee is on site. If the issue takes more time than planned, this is important information for the future. Optimized planning is the keyword.

Would you like to test the calendar for yourself? Get in touch with us.