How Mykhailo (Misha) Voronko from Ukraine became the co-founder of Wowflow by coincidence

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Misha went to Vienna for his master’s degree and ended up at Wowflow.

Five years ago – 2017 – Misha came to the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) for his master’s degree. Back then he was working as a consultant in Poland and realized he would regret it if he didn’t pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. By coincidence, he found a cool master’s program in Vienna that had a “garage course” for creating startups. Misha’s thought was: “Wow, that could be the perfect place to recover after the consulting job, meet like-minded people, and create a successful startup.”

Funnily, the garage course was the only one that Misha didn’t manage to register for at WU. “I remember I was brainstorming how to pivot my previous venture with a friend and completely forgot about the registration. Roughly 10 minutes later it was closed.” So Misha went to another business course – the course where he ended up interviewing Drazen for a project.

“Drazen was completely different to most founders I talked to. His drive to solve the pain of building maintenance teams was – and still is – so strong it was radiating people around. So we agreed to keep in touch”.

After his studies, Misha joined a VC and worked closely with many other startups. Then, in 2020 Drazen contacted Misha – he needed help with a business plan. He got the help and subsequently was also a co-founder.

“Facility management is an old-school market with great digitalization potential. Maintaining the buildings is generally a difficult and ungrateful job. What makes it even worse is the never-ending operational chaos that most workers still experience these days. I just realized Wowflow has the potential to improve the lives of 15 million workers in Europe alone – workers that were under the radar for many other solutions.” 

In addition, Misha quickly recognized that he and Drazen would make a good team: “Drazen has strengths and weaknesses. I have strengths and weaknesses. The good thing about it however, is that they do not overlap, but complement each other perfectly.”

Drazen agreed and they both decided that they could move much further together. “I took a relatively big risk with it. I had to quit my secure job at VC and dive into the unknown. The worst thing that could have happened: The startup fails, I lose a working visa after one month, and get back to Ukraine,” says Misha.

But it never got this far. Since Misha joined Wowflow as co-founder the startup grew revenue by almost ten times, increased the team to 15 people/freelancers, and secured private funding from renowned angel investors.

“Our journey just began and I am excited about where we could be in 5 to 7 years from now.”

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Drazen Ivanis, Mykhailo Voronko, Wowflow Software für Reinigungsunternehmen
Drazen Ivanis and Mykhailo Voronko