Mihajela Vislavski supports facility management software Wowflow in the area of customer support

Mihajela Vislavski neu im Team

New to the Wowflow team: Customer Success Manager Mihajela Vislavski. She is responsible for customer support in our PropTech.

After Mihajela studied tax law and worked in tax consulting for almost 11 years, she had the opportunity to gain some additional experience: in the area of human resources, in process optimization and in the area of digitization. Finally, she worked for a year as a management assistant in the cleaning industry, where she was the dispatcher for 50 employees. It was in this position that she first encountered Wowflow. She used our software herself for process optimization for six months. Mihajela knows Wowflow from implementation to daily use. In addition, our software helped her reduce her workload in her previous position – so we were finally able to win her over.

“Wowflow enables clear and professional reporting without much effort. That’s what I personally liked best about the Facility Services software. In addition, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual interval work was definitely completed on time through Wowflow. This meant less effort for the administrator.”

Mihajela Vislavski
Customer Success Managerin atWowflow

“Many of our customers have their own IT support to be able to communicate with software companies. As a solution and success-driven start-up, we didn’t want that. Mihajela was our customer and therefore understands the customer’s position very well. This not only guarantees optimal customer care, but we can also provide valuable input regarding operational optimization.”

Drazen Ivanis
CEO and founder of Wowflow

Do you have questions about Wowflow and want to arrange a consultation with Mihajela? You can reach her by phone on 06767920030 or by email.