September Update: New features are waiting for you in our software for cleaning companies and facility management teams

Updates Wowflow September 2022

Wowflow’s September updates are available

As always, we are working on making Wowflow as a software for cleaning companies and facility management service providers even more intuitive, even more user-friendly and even more comprehensive. Therefore, we have again implemented some updates in September, which are available to our customers.

  1. Automatic translation with Google Translate integration

What does this new Wowflow feature mean? All text fields that users define themselves can now be translated automatically. This concerns for example the title of a message, the description and also the various comments. It does NOT matter in which language the texts were written. The Google Translate integration translates the respective section into the language that was set as the default language in the Wowflow settings.

A quick example: A colleague from Italy creates a new message. She gives it an Italian title and adds an Italian description of the problem. With a click on “Show Translation” (directly below the title or description) the text is translated to German – because my default language in Wowflow is German.

  1. Assigning messages to external people

Another update that, like the Google Translate integration, aims to make our software as free of obstacles as possible for cleaning and facility management teams is the option to assign messages to external persons. Instead of selecting a user created in Wowflow when assigning, you simply enter the email address of the external person. This person will then receive an email to this address, can click on the message and accept or reject it as usual. The same principle applies if someone external is only to be used as an observer.

Why is this feature particularly useful? Because many of our customers work with numerous external service providers. Instead of creating a new user for every single job, the task can be assigned to a person without Wowflow access.

  1. Additional feature: Session Duration

Last Last but not least, new since September: the feature “Session Duration”. We programmed this feature in close cooperation with one of our customers. It is now possible to define how long an employee should need for a certain task. For example, if a cleaning company has to clean a lot of hotel rooms in a short period of time, a certain amount of time can be given to the cleaning staff. As soon as this time limit is exceeded – i.e. the employee has not completed the task in the corresponding time period via Wowflow – the manager receives a notification. The manager can then react accordingly.  In the case of our client, the cleaning company can charge their client more because the original agreement of 30 minutes per room cannot be met due to the unusual soiling.

Do you have questions, requests or suggestions regarding new features? Get in touch with us!