The discussion about digital key management continues: ESSECCA and Wowflow developed a solution for BUWOG

Key management digital and electronic, webinar with ESSECCA and Wowflow

Our partner ESSECCA continued our last year’s webinar – with exciting insights into the current state of the art.

More than a year ago we asked ourselves: How do real estate experts tackle the key management problem? We have continued surveying the status quo over the past few months and brought security expert ESSECCA on board to help us.

“A solution must provide a clear advantage.”

Drazen Ivanis, founder and CEO of Wowflow

And for it to do just that, it’s important to ask about the scale of the problem. At this point, Wowflow and ESSECCA presented their concept to industry experts to get valuable feedback. We held numerous workshops, each of which brought us a little closer to the optimal solution.

“It turned out that hundreds of hours a year were previously spent just on key management.”

Michael Reiner, Head of Business Development & Authorized Representative at ESSECCA

A key role in the process of finding the solution was played by the real estate company BUWOG. BUWOG had already been heavily involved with the topic of key management itself but had not yet found anything that suited them perfectly. This is where the paths of the Wowflow/ESSECCA team and BUWOG crossed: Wowflow had already developed the right software processes, ESSECCA was able to supply the hardware, and BUWOG had been looking for exactly this solution.

“We wanted a solution that would adapt over time and cover all our needs.”

Helmut Bayerl, Department Manager Commercial Property Management BUWOG

Also very important for BUWOG: The key management tool should be usable on mobile devices.

Said and done.

“In the summer, we presented our software solution to BUWOG. All that was missing was the hardware. By fall, the Essecca <> Wowflow solution was ready for implementation.”

Drazen Ivanis

The customer is satisfied: according to Bayerl, there are a number of significantl advantages of the key management solution by ESSECCA and Wowflow:

  • The automation of processes.
  • The digitalization of processes, which is additionally good for the environment because no paper is needed anymore.
  • The centralized management simplifies handing out the keys.
  • The simplicity and intuitive use of the system.
  • The security that the system guarantees. A key cannot be collected without being issued: All issues and withdrawals are clearly visible in the Wowflow software.

Read here to find out exactly how the solution by Wowflow and ESSECCA works.

Is the future keyless?

A panel discussion with industry experts isn’t complete without a look into the future.

Udo Weinberger, managing director of Udo Weinberger Immobilienverwaltung and a member of the ÖVI board, points out that there are still people without smartphones and that we have to remember them. In addition, the participants – including Bernhard Hofer, Managing Director of NV Immobilien – are of the general opinion that a keyless future could be difficult, especially in the area of private apartments: In most cases, there is a certain scepticism among tenants who value the control of a physical key.

“Or what happens, for example, to the keys that are deposited with the fire department or the police?” A fair question from Rudolf Hermann, operational manager of Attensam West Hausbetreuung GmbH.

Daniela Frühwald, deputy division manager of EHL Immobilien GmbH, would definitely be happy about “a house without keys.” A great deal of administrative effort could be eliminated. However, she is also sceptical about the situation: “Convincing owners and tenants could be difficult. However, a keyless solution is definitely an option in the common areas of a property.”

Last but not least, all experts agree that costs and benefits must be in reasonable proportion to each other. Even just dealing with different solutions costs time and therefore money. Especially from this final exchange, we at Wowflow together with ESSECCA were once again able to draw important conclusions. One thing is certain: we will continue to work on a solution that may even make EVERY key superfluous in the future. The goal: No more key management.

Thanks a lot to ESSECCA for hosting this second webinar on key management. Many thanks also to all participants for the informative discussion:

  • Helmut Bayerl from BUWOG Group GmbH
  • Daniela Frühwald from EHL Immobilien Group
  • Rudolf Hermann from Hausbetreuung Attensam GmbH
  • Bernhard Hofer from NV Immobilien GmbH
  • Michael REINER from ESSECCA GmbH
  • Udo Weinberger from Udo Weinberger Immobilienverwaltung

You can watch the recording of the discussion here: